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Dressage Benefits
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Dressage Benefits

Hello “Of Horse,” audience, it’s the Pony Bloggers (Gucci, Sweetsie, and Leggs) here to share all the benefits of Dressage. Dressage is French for “to train,” and is most often used to describe flat work. All riding disciplines will benefit from dressage.

Dressage training creates a horse that is more supple, comfortable, calm, loose and flexible, attentive, and confident. When executed correctly dressage achieves a perfect connection between us horses and our riders.

Dressage helps to create a light forehand and engagement of our hind end. This is the correct way for us to travel. If the flat work is correct, then everything else will follow. Flat work should be supple and soft. We should be able to bend and listen to your leg.

Dressage keeps our transitions keen, precise, and correctly engaged. We should be safely on the aids and listening before we attempt anything else. Dressage also enhances our fitness level. Most importantly, we travel sound with correct dressage training because we are traveling correctly.

We are three different horses with three different disciplines and we all use dressage as part of our training. All our disciplines begin and end with dressage. Jumping a course, traveling cross-country, running a barrel pattern is all flat work with obstacles in between. If the flat work is correct, then everything else in our way will be easier for us to negotiate.

As horses, we often hear riders separate their disciplines such as Eventing, hunter-jumper, barrel racer, cow horse, western pleasure, and dressage. It’s wonderful to have so many choices for so many different rider interests. But riders learn from all of them. Do not short change us horses or yourselves.

So whether horses jump, run barrels, cut cows, trail ride or compete in dressage itself, dressage training is a positive discipline to add to your training routine. Help to improve our way of going and our harmony with you. Add Dressage to your training regimen today.

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  1. Brenda Nelson
    Brenda Nelson
    It benefits any horse for sure.

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