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Dreadlocks Be Gone!
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Dreadlocks Be Gone!

Mama said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this my mama said. Remember that song? 

This delightful pudgy little Halfie mare had an awful dreadlock in part of her mane, so I decided one day to halter her up & get rid of it.  I use this product called Soft & Precious detangling moisturizer that I get from Dollar General to remove dreadlocks. It smells like baby powder & it works great. 

I started by spraying this detangler onto the most knotted spots, worked it in & let it sit while I began from the bottom using a regular knobby hairbrush. I have found the hairbrushes like we use that have plastic coated tips work the best rather than a regular mane & tail comb. The brush doesn't pull the hair out nearly as bad... unless you're dealing with dreadlocks. Either way, be it a comb or brush, you're going to lose quite a bit of hair. 

So starting from the bottom I began pulling the ringlets apart by hand & unrolling them to make smaller separate pieces. I sprayed those & straightened them a bit with my fingers. As I worked my way up, I continued to spray the mane a bit to keep it just a bit wet because the weight of the hair helps to pull it straight when it's wet. Finally I worked out all of the knots & ringlets & by this time because the hair was so broken within the knots it seemed a whole lot had come out. At first glance of the pile on the ground you'd think there wouldn't be anything left, but she still had a full mane by the time I got done. When the mane was straightened I cut the very bottom off to even it up with the rest of the mane. It turned out beautiful & shiny with just a little wave in it. 

The next time you find a dreadlock &/or ringlets, give this product a try & see if it doesn't turn the nightmare into something beautiful. 

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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    I tried to post an after shot, but it would only allow me to post the one so I believe my profile pic is the after shot now. lol
  2. Terri AP Widdowson
    I would give this a try!
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      This stuff works great. It does tend to get a little sticky if the mane is dirty, but it does dry a bit & leaves a beautiful shiny sheen. :)
  3. HorseDiva
    Does this work for other animals as well? If I ever see another dreadlock in my cat's extra-long fur, I might be able to get away with it without getting to much of a hissy fit from her... For horses, I can totally see myself using it. Seems easy enough if you have a collaborating horse. Voted! When you have the chance, please stop by my post, Win a Pair of VEGAN Fashion Riding Boots from NeuAura!, and vote. Thank you!
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      I dont' know if it will work on other animals, but I'm almost positive it will. This product is technically for black folks hair, which can be difficult to comb or brush through & this makes it so much easier to detangle without too much pain.
  4. naturegirl
    Well, there's a great trick! THanks for this! Voted! If you want to ttravel or move to another country, my article can tell you how to do it if you still want to work in the horse field: Long-Term Travel. Give it a vote if you liked it! Thanks !
  5. KaseyChristine
    Cockleburrs were the worst to get out & being a tough kid I had to wear gloves. I'll try this stuff if I ever get into a pickle again with those nasty burrs.

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