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Dowsing for Horse's Health
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Dowsing for Horse's Health

Dowsing in this situation is the term used for working with a pendulum in order to determine and assist in positive health.

As a healer I don't see myself as the being that makes someone well but rather that I assist them in becoming a better projector of health. When working with horses it is normally much more simple than trying to heal a person because horses are more open and receptive to receiving healing, with fewer mental barriers preventing them from being good partners in their own healing journey. 

I first starting using dowsing pendulums over ten years ago and they are still an important part of my healing tool box. This is because not only can they be used to check the chakra points in a horse but they can also be used to determine what herbs my horses need and how much or any particular herb to give.

I also use the pendulum to check on my horses priorities and whether these are at a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Even if they are displaying something on a physical level it could actually stem from an emotional imbalance. This very precise way of working with them is how I helped them over the years to become capable of healing in their own right and is still a method I work with now in order to help them to be balanced and happy.

The extent of what you can learn is only limited to what you choose to find out about. So in other words there is no limit. Like any training or method you need to practice and also to bear in mind that you can influence the pendulum depending on your mood and state of mind. Being open and clear minding will improve your dowsing skills.

The best way to start using a pendulum is to start working with your own and your horses chakra points. To do this you simply hold the pendulum near or over the chakra point and just relax and allow. By saying allow I mean to not tense up as this can block the energy flow, so just try and remain calm and in a state of flow. 

If the chakra is open the pendulum will spin, if it is closed it won't. This very simple way or working with the pendulum is a great way to start your exposure to working with dowsing. Don't expect a massive spin to start with. As your energy flow increasing and your experience with the pendulum grows, you will get a stronger spin. Please see my article on the Chakra Points in Horses and Humans.

I personally work with crystal pendulums and animals love rose quartz, so this is a good one to use as well as jaspers which are very grounding and promote the horse or person feeling secure.

When you feel comfortable, you can then move onto asking questions. This is a more advanced way of dowsing and I wouldn't recommend doing this is you are quite negative as a person because you may influence the answers. If you are happy to try this method, again practice is really really important. 

Basically you can ask the pendulum to show you a movement for yes and a movement for no. You can either just think yes and no and see what movement you get, or if you are a more advanced energy worker and work with spirit guides, you can ask them to assist you in showing you this movement. 

Using a pendulum is also a method animals communicators use to directly ask their horse questions. In the wild horses would self medicate and choose what they knew they needed. We can assist them in becoming partners in their own healing by asking them what they need, or about certain herbs they might want, about the feed they on; many, many things we can work with them in order to help them be in the best health possible.

Please keep an eye out for my other articles where I will cover other healing and energy subjects.


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