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Don't Get Right Back on Your Horse If You Fall
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Don't Get Right Back on Your Horse If You Fall

Something that drives me crazy in the equine world is when people tell you to get right back on when you fall off your horse. Riders believe this for a few reasons. They think fear will consume a rider that has fallen and they will never get back on. They also believe the horse gets away with something if they throw their rider and this could not be more wrong.

Safety for rider and horse should be every equestrian's concern. However, this is typically not the case. Many encourage a fallen rider to get right back on. This is incredibly impulsive. When the body falls from such a height, the brain gets a rush of adrenaline. This adrenaline almost works as a numbing agent. A rider might stand on a broken leg or move a vertebra with a hairline fracture and not assessing the damage to your body properly might cause further injury. Even if a rider doesn’t care about their well-being, they should for the safety of their horse if nothing else. Their horse’s caretaker needs to be well in order for that to happen.

Secondly, a horse that has thrown someone should not be ridden immediately. This horse could be acting out due to pain. The horse should be assessed for any injuries or illness. Tack should be checked for ill-fitting parts. This is the first thing that should be ruled out. The horse should be desensitized to things that might have scared him and should be lunged to analyze the horse’s movement. Only after these steps have been taken can the horse be ridden again. It is not worth it to get back on if there is a possibility of hurting your horse or yourself further. Behavioral problems can be fixed. It is much more difficult to mend bones or tendons.

There should be no shame in falling. It happens to almost every rider who tries something new. The most important thing is what you do to fix the problem.

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