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Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing
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Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

“When she greets you with a nicker, nuzzles your chest, and regards you with a large and liquid eye, the question of where you want to be and what you want to do has been answered.”—Albert Borgmann, Crossing the Postmodern Divide

Life is full of choices. It’s a good thing to have the freedom to choose what we do with the 24 hours we get each day, but it’s also a huge responsibility. Women especially put extra undue pressure on themselves, often trying to be all things to all people and beating ourselves up when we inevitably drop the ball as a result of overextending ourselves.

I often question myself if I am making the right choice to do x or y, how much time to spend at either one, and what about z? Verizon did a run of funny commercials about the "Fear Of Missing Out" that overtakes us. If you do one thing, you very well might miss out on something else.

I try to get out to the stables at least a few times a week but often it entails an internal argument about the other things that I should be doing. But Saturday mornings are not open for debate because I’m committed to working at the stables that day. It’s tricky to get a Saturday chores substitute unless I book her weeks in advance, so there’s no question about where I will be those mornings. And there’s nowhere else I want to be. 

I get my exercise mucking stalls, raking shavings, and throwing hay, then I go get my reward. I walk into Tara’s pasture and call to her; her regal head rises, she comes over to me, and I give her a huge hug. All I want for those few hours is to be her groom, rider, and caretaker, and I know I’m not missing out on anything.

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