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Don’t Dream of Horseback Riding, Do It!
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Don’t Dream of Horseback Riding, Do It!

Normally we are eager to have what isn’t in our grasp. Thus, we take vacations, we travel far to obtain that something special for a day or two. Imagine living in New York City, watching Tombstone or an old western film and then dying to ride a horse, but then remembering if you look outside you won’t see a ranch there but a boisterous truck honking at a tiny beetle bug! I was once oblivious to Horse Ranch Resorts. So I’d like to introduce to anyone who’s unfamiliar with this world of accommodations to Rocking Horse Ranch, located in New York. To all who are already familiar with Rocking Horse Ranch that live on the other side of the globe, this award winning resort is worth the trip, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know!

There is a touching back story on their website that will make you feel like the resort was entirely made for the customer's comfort, and isn’t that we all want when we are on a vacation? On to the good stuff, they have won more than two awards and have received exceptional acknowledgements from “TripAdvisor” the world’s largest travel website. Last July, Nickelodeon (a popular TV network for teens) featured Rocking Horse Ranch Resort as a grand prize! But of course they would be praised. Here’s what horse related adventures they offer: Walk rides, intermediate rides, advanced rides, pony rides, horseback riding demonstrations, horse drawn wagon rides, barn tours, and finally horse shoe demonstrations.

There is about a week left to enjoy the spring 2013 rates, but events and specials occur all the time. Don’t be stuck in front of a TV dreaming of horseback riding, do it! Do it here.


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  1. jst4horses
    Be careful of where you go, BUT my Director of the Housing for National Homes for Heroes/Spirit Horse II recently rode a horse for the first time in her life. As a child she was horribly injured and spent years, into her college years having surgeries for burns and kidney problems from the burns after she caught her arm in a mangle roller and her hand was burned badly, her arm and shoulder injured for life. We had an old mustang that had worked for some years at a children's camp. She rode him. She was surprisingly well balanced and good for a first ride. He is a doll named Twilight. The Hollywood Horseshow with Bill Shatner is coming up this month,and Bill still rides in competition, at least he was last year, and rides into the arena on one of his horses for the show to fundraise for therapeutic horse programs. He is in his seventies at least! I was one of the horse handlers for a disability horse show many years back when an older woman came up and asked me if she could pet the horse. She said she had loved horses her whole life, but never been near one. I said she could ride, the horse was very gentle, and we had the disabled mounting block up. She told me that at age 72, every dream of her whole life was met. I felt humbled. We have veterans who ride with missing limbs, and the Braille programs bring their children and teens out to ride free with us. SO, YES, don't just dream, do it.

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