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Denouncing Horse Abuse
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Denouncing Horse Abuse

It was an unfortunate case. There even had to be an intervention done. A group of animal rights activists found themselves calling for help on the South Shore of Quebec City, when they found such a severe case of animal abuse. This case was denounced three times and the horses had suffered long enough.

Louise Branchaud is the one who is responsible for solving cases of horse abuse in the Tenir Promesse committee. She says she has seen many cases of horrible negligence and beating in the last few years. She owns quite a few horses herself and cannot stand seeing them being treated any way other than with lots of tender, loving care. She hopes to be able to reach out to as many people as possible and asks them to denounce any case of abuse. She adds that, too often, people keep quiet when they see one.

Apparently, animals are not considered as beings that suffer, according to the law. Of course, this could not be further from the truth. For example, First Lady, a horse that was rescued by Christine Bélanger, had a large cut on her throat near the mane. She has had it for over six years and never received treatment. Had she received the necessary care, it would have been easy to heal. Imagine what she must have gone through in those six years! This is the sort of problem that one can find when investigating how these animals are treated. We discover that many people are indeed very irresponsible. Luckily, First Lady is doing much better today. Christine worked hard at opening a Facebook page and asked for donations to pay for the medical care the horse would need. She also informed people of how horses are oftentimes left to themselves when they are no longer useful for work or play, or, worse yet, they are sent to the butcher. People want to get rid of an animal that they deem useless.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Pierre Paradis, says that he will prepare a new law regarding animal rights. Owners of sanctuaries are counting on it. So are animal rights activists. 

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  1. Archippus
    I have a friend that has taken in several abused horses and nurtured them back to health. One horse in particular was owned by a high schooler. The student rode the horse to school. The pair were part of a class at school. The horse started gaining weight fast. The boy was afraid that he would soon not be able to ride the horse due to the weight gain. He started withholding food. Then one day the student found the horse had delivered a foal. He had actually been starving the horse. The boy did not have the finances to nurture the horse back to health. He gave the horse to my friend. She was able to buy proper nutritious foods and the horse is now healthy and happy. Voted +1
  2. pftsusan
    This is so very sad. When I see horses or any animals being abused, I report it. It's all about being loving and responsible, not killing or abusing.

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