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Dear EHH: I Need Help With Gift Giving for a Horse Crazy Kid
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Dear EHH: I Need Help With Gift Giving for a Horse Crazy Kid

My friend's daughter has a birthday coming up. She is totally obsessed with horses and is in a weekly lesson program. I want to get her something related to horses for her birthday gift. Maybe something she can use for her riding lessons. I have no clue what sort of gift that might be. Any suggestions?

Dear Confused Gift Giver,

You will have one excited child on her birthday if she gets to unwrap some horse related gifts.

The first thing I would suggest would be a grooming box of her own. You can either go to a local tack shop and they can help you with what you need to buy. If it is easier, you could even go on Amazon and find a grooming kit that is already made up. Having your own brushes to take to the barn is pretty exciting when you are a kid. If you go the grooming kit route I would also add a pack of fun colored sharpie markers. That way she can put her name on all her brushes so they don't get mixed up or lost.

A riding crop ( whip ) is also something simple that is good for any rider to have. Even young riders in lessons are taught how to carry and properly use the crop. They can be a fun gift because they come in all kind of colors. I have also seen some super cute glittery ones that look like magic wands! These are inexpensive, and something a young rider will get excited about having their own!

Saddle pads are also fun gifts. They range in price and come in all shapes, designs, and sizes. If you know your riders favorite color or maybe see a design they would like, they would be excited to get their own saddle pad. Bear in mind though, sometimes Mom and Dad won't want the saddle pad to come home after it is used. They won't want to cart around a dirty, smelly, horse hair covered pad. Maybe come up with some sort of duffle bag or case your rider can carry it in. Some barns will even let you leave things at the barn. Your rider will just have to check on what their barns policies are for that.

Another gift that I recommend for any young rider is the book Happy Horsemanship by Dorothy Henderson Pinch. I got this book when I was a young rider and studied it like it was the bible! It is full of great illustrations to help new riders understand things better.

Hopefully this helps! If you go to a local tack store, you can always as someone working there what they would recommend for a gift.

Good luck, and please wish the little one a Happy Birthday for me!


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