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Dear EHH, Help With Gift Giving for Horse Lovers
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Dear EHH, Help With Gift Giving for Horse Lovers

Dear EHH,

I want to buy a gift for a family member that is a horse enthusiast. I don't know anything about horses, so I don't know what would be appropriate. Can you help?

- Confused Gift Giver

Confused Gift Giver,

I can help! It really depends on the age of the person you are buying a gift for and what type of riding they do. I can still help, though, by talking about general stuff that any horse lover or rider would like to receive as a gift.

If there is a local tack store, a gift certificate for it would definitely be appreciated. There are also many online tack retailers that offer gift cards if you don't know of anything locally. Gift cards allow the receiver to get whatever it is they might need or want, so I think they are always a good choice!

Clothing made to brave the cold or the heat is also a good choice for riders and horse lovers. Being out at the barn in all weather, anything that we can wear to be more comfortable will be appreciated. You don't have to purchase this type of thing from a tack store. A regular athletic store or online retailer is just fine.

For women and girls who love horses, there is always the jewelry option. Horsewomen love horse jewelry. You can find very affordable, sterling silver jewelry especially.

Personalized jewelry is also a big hit. We love our horses and like to wear things with their names on them. Whether it be a nameplate bracelet or other personalized jewelry.

Saddle pads are something that even someone riding at a lesson barn can use. They can bring it to them with their lessons. They come in a variety of colors and can be personalized. Just make sure you confirm whether your gift recipient is an English or western rider, so you can get the appropriate type of saddle pad.

If you know where the gift recipient rides, you can check if they offer gift certificates. That way the recipient can maybe get some lessons or a trail ride in.

If there are any high-level horse shows near where you live, tickets to watch the professionals ride is always fun. For thoroughbred lovers, a day at the racetrack would be a lot of fun.

If you like to do it yourself, you could bake them some treats for their horse or make them a nameplate for their horses stall. If you are crafty or artistic the do it yourself possibilities are endless!

Riders aren't picky, we love all things horse related and will appreciate whatever gift you might get us. If all else fails, a gift card is just as great. We can save it for when we need something, or go get that item we have been eyeing up for months now!

Good Luck With Your Gift Giving,


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