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Dealing With Frustration While Riding
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Dealing With Frustration While Riding

If you avidly ride horses, then you have probably dealt with some attitude from a sassy horse. This can be extremely aggravating. However, it is important to keep your cool. Horses are very intuitive to their rider’s emotion, so it is important to find ways to relax when a situation makes you angry. Otherwise, circumstances may become worse.

I personally experienced this at a gymkhana I was competing at. My mare was having an off day and I became increasingly upset. She was uncooperative when going in the arena and generally misbehaved around other horses. The emotions I was feeling clearly distracted me and made everything worse. I rode with terrible equitation and my hands were not as gentle with the reins. This made our runs less than stellar. By the end of the day, I realized it was my fault. Had I remained calm, the competition would have gone better.

If your horse is misbehaving or underperforming, you need to take a deep breath and calm yourself. It is okay to take a break. It’s okay to tie your horse at the rail and sit for five minutes to gather your thoughts. While you do this, you need to look at their actions with logic. The most important question is: are they in pain? If the animal has a disease or is lame, they could be acting out because they are hurting. If you rule out discomfort, then it could be that they are afraid of something. If this is the case some destination is in order.

Something you should ask yourself is: am I the problem? It is possible that you are ignorantly miscommunicating to your horse. As a human, you must appreciate how useful and understanding horses are. They are a giant beast that gently carries us and listens to every cue that we give them. If you can’t find anything wrong with your horse, look to yourself. Do some research on what you could do to improve your riding. Everyone runs into issues in their riding career, the most important this is dealing with them correctly.

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