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Cruelty or Ignorance
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Cruelty or Ignorance

I went to a small local "Tack & Horse Auction" recently with some friends. We went to look at tack and for one friend to sell a couple of old saddles. I told myself that I was not going to look at the horses; I was there for the tack portion only. I was so proud of myself for not walking out to the pens to look at horses but then, the horse part started. Wow!!!

The first time I went to a horse auction I bought Harvey, my soulmate horse. I said I would never buy another "auction horse", you just really don't know what you are getting. I love Harvey and he will always have a home with me no matter how crazy he gets (sometimes he is absolutely insane). When I seen Harvey walk into the ring we made eye contact and I was instantly in love. I had no idea what his training or personality was like, I didn't even know what breed he is.

The second time I went to a horse auction was just a few weeks ago. I was completely disgusted at the condition of the horses. I don't understand how anyone could think it is acceptable to have any animal in that condition. Some of the foals were too young to be away from their dams, one foal appeared to be less than a week old, a second appeared to be about 2 weeks old, and a third appeared to be about a month old. They were all from the same seller so I believe they were bred just to make money (I am against breeding in most circumstances). It broke my heart to see those babies being sold for $35 and $45. I hope the person that bought them had good intentions but so many people these days do not.

The other night at the auction a few horses that I seen were a little thin but with a few weeks of good food they would be much better. Most of them were listed as ridable and many of them were registered. The coloring of some of those horses was amazing. Some of the colors that you don't see much were coming through that ring, like a golden champagne colored Arabian that was absolutely gorgeous. I am not much of an Arabian fan but that horse was gorgeous, with all of the typical Arabian features. Absolutely stunning!!! Another horse was a beautiful dark gruella color, so unique and beautiful. There was also an eye catching red dun, some sorrels, some paints and they were all beautiful. I really enjoyed watching these horses go through the show ring and the prices on these horses were reasonable. Some of the horses will probably just be run through an auction somewhere else in hopes of making some quick cash but at those prices they were not being purchased by a kill buyer.

While the horses looked really good that night the people were idiots!!! Two miniature horses (very pretty) were being shown as ridable, by 2 teenage kids. Those 2 teens were way too big for those horses!!! One of the teens could almost touch the ground with his knees; the other was a chunky girl that kept her feet on the ground while riding it. Another mare was so scared that she was shaking when she came into the ring, the men working the ring kept smacking her with a whip to get her to move, that poor horse was terrified. Another mare came through and looked like she was about to give birth and they kept running her back and forth through the ring. I think if they had given her a chance to relax she may have had that baby right there.

I just don't understand how people can be so cruel or is it just ignorance. Horses are living breathing creatures they deserve to be fed and respected!!!

Be safe, have fun, and ride on... (Don't forget to vote if you enjoyed my blog.)



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  1. autumnap
    Voted. We have a regular auction of horses and tack near where I live too. I tend to avoid it because it's too sad to see mares with foals at foot being bought by the "meat men". Too many horses are bred without enough thought being given to their future and so many end up being sold for meat. x

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