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Connecting With Your Horse
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Connecting With Your Horse

Animal people talk to their animals, but talking intuitively is a little different. It involves communicating at the same level of detail and complexity that you would use for a person, explaining exactly how you feel, what you want and why. Part of the experiment is to assume your horse absolutely hears and understands everything.

For emphasis, you can make a mental movie of your ideal outcome to show your intention. Connecting in this way can dramatically change any barriers you are experiencing with your horse. It doesn’t happen every time, but I have seen success enough times to know that it works. 

Suzanne and her horse Sadie are a great example. I consulted with them intuitively, from a distance, because they are in Oregon and I am in California. Within a day, I got a call from an incredulous Suzanne telling me that everything had changed overnight. She sought my help because Sadie was balking when they went on trails. Suzanne said that after our talk, for the first time ever, Sadie willingly explored the entire property. Sadie is a 22-year-old Appaloosa/Morgan mix who Suzanne rescued from an abusive situation. Suzanne said it was a challenge just gaining her trust and respect and she didn’t want to force Sadie over the riding issue, so she called me for a different approach. During my consultation with Sadie, I had determined that Sadie would probably respond well to negotiation, and I picked up from Sadie that she liked people to see how pretty she is, which Suzanne confirmed. I told Suzanne to tell Sadie that if she could change her behaviors would get to have her picture and story in a magazine and it would help everyone learn how to talk to their horses. 

Suzanne said, “As soon as I started to talk with Sadie the energy completely changed. For a split-second, Sadie started acting as she would balk, but I told her everything you said to say, and I told her I just wanted to ride up and down the hill, that was all. Immediately she continued forward.”

Then Suzanne told Sadie that she could go wherever she wanted. That was when Sadie started exploring the whole property. Suzanne has read my books and told me she feels she has developed an intuitive communication ability with Sadie. At that moment she said she heard Sadie said “See? This is what I meant: I want to be free like this. This is what I want; just let me walk around free.” Suzanne responded, “OK, show me where you want to go.” Sadie then turned away from the barn and clearly wanted to continue exploring. Suzanne was pleased and amazed with Sadie and this new relationship they had created together. 

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