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Confessions of a Horse Blogger
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Confessions of a Horse Blogger

As a blogger on Of Horse, I have nearly 30 published posts. That's not bad, so I figured you might get to know me a bit. See what I did there? Here is a bit about me.

The beginning of my love affair with horses started with a Breyer horse that I was given as a small child. It wasn't just any model horse. It was a rearing, palomino stallion. I noticed this model on an old dresser in the basement of my grandmother's house when I was five years old. It was my dad's when he was little. Of course, as children often do, I asked if I could have it. My uncle graciously gave it to me. I have treasured that horse ever since. 

But that little model horse, as small and insignificant as it may seem, sparked a dream within me. Growing up, it was always my greatest desire to travel out West to see the wild mustangs and to bring one home. Preferably, a palomino stallion. Obviously. But as an adult, I know this dream will probably remain just that a dream...at least, for now. 

Now that I'm older, I think the passion I had for horses has lessened a bit. I still love horses and appreciate them. But that same passion I had as a child isn't there. Or maybe it is, but it's just not as strong as it once was. I think as we grow from childhood to adulthood, we have many different dreams. It changes over time. And this is okay. That just shows that we grow. I think maybe one day I will get another horse... but maybe not. Only time will tell. For now I will work on other passions, continue to keep growing and to pursue all my dreams. I think that is a part of life. Growing. Changing. Having a multiple interests. A new dream for a new chapter in each stage of life. Horses are only a small part of that. 

Here's to the next chapter. A new beginning of a new dream in life. Whatever that may be. But I will always remember those childhood dreams and the model horse that my uncle gave me. 

P. S. I still have that model horse.

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