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Concussion Investigation is Back on Track
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Concussion Investigation is Back on Track

Some of the people who run the highest risk of sustaining permanent injuries on the job are sportsmen. Sports like horse riding, racing, football, and many more bring with them some serious risks of injuries that players need to be aware of.

While some injuries are temporary, others may have underlying effects that stay with the players throughout their lives. One such injury is a concussion. In order to fully understand if a concussion sustained by a sportsman has any adverse long-term effects on the brain, a new study by the entitled Concussion In Sport was launched. After quite a long time, this investigation regarding the effects of concussions seems to be back on track.

Starting off with Jockeys

The research project will focus on players from various sporting events such as rugby, football, and boxing. However, jockeys are also being looked at the research's onset. The reason for choosing jockeys is because a jump jockey is at risk of a concussion an estimated 125 times more than a football player is. Another reason for this choice is that every jockey suffers from a concussion at least once during their career.

Testing Against General Public

In order to compile results from the study, the data collected from sportsmen will be compared to that from members of the general public who haven’t suffered from a concussion. The hope is that this will help researchers identify whether sportsman who have had a concussion are at risk of depression, dementia, or other such mental disorders in their later lives.

The Man Behind the Research

This concussion investigation is back on track thanks to Dr. Michael Turner. He has had a long career in medicine, focusing on sports medicine. The goal of the study is not to ban any sporting events but instead, his sole purpose is to help players be more aware of the actual risks to their health before they make a career decisions about a life on the field.

He also intends to answer the many questions that arise around the topic of concussions. The most common questions revolve around the high-risk groups as far as concussions are concerned. He is also hoping to find out why women suffer from concussions more often than men do, as this has not been studied seriously enough in the past.

Money and Volunteers Required

As with many medical research projects, a great deal of financial investment is need to see this one through. Dr. Michael has raised contributions from different authorities as well as from private contributors, but still more investment is still needed.

Apart from money, the project also relies heavily on volunteers, both sportsmen and members of the general public. The people who volunteer would have to fill out a questionnaire as well as go through a day of neurological tests.

This study promises to be a revolutionary one as far as injuries in sports are concerned because something as seemingly temporary as a concussion may have long-term neurological effects. But while this concussion investigation is back on track, it cannot be completed without the help of people willing to invest time and money into it.

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