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Competition Builds Leadership
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Competition Builds Leadership

I love college. It builds competitive spirit, which crosses over to how we perform in life. Hardships shape us, and good competition helps to tame the most focused and dedicated college horse riders today. Training and riding horses for the magnetic love a horse trainer feels is one thing. Training and riding a horse for competition takes so much more. Both take guts, and courage, but competition brings out pure drive. Why is the super bowl the biggest event in sports? It is because competition intensity is through the roof; the moment is big and worth a lifetime of hard work. This is what the Intercollegiate Horse show is all about for College students. This is their super bowl, everything matters up to that day, and futures are pursued with wisdom after. The most recent competition had more than 8,000 riders representing 370 U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities competing in this competition. More than 8,000 young adults spent most of their days learning skills of patience, dedication, understanding, and confidence. I thank the competitive nature the Intercollegiate Horse show represents. Because competition builds character and the world will soon receive more than 8,000 of our great leaders to come.

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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. Competition also sets the pace as to how you handle victory and defeat and being able to rise above with greater expectations for the next go around.
    1. Teshaw R
      Your very write we should have co wrote this lol

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