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Common Symptoms that Have Heavy Meaning
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Common Symptoms that Have Heavy Meaning

Aside to the basic identifiers telling you that your horse is feeling under the weather, you know, high fever, lagging behind the rest of his/her friends, crankiness, here are some other symptoms to pay attention to, if you notice any of the following then take appropriate action and provide remedy immediately by contacting the vet.

Hay belly – which will make your horse appear to have a full stomach, however, it may be that their abdomen is distended by a course of heavy parasite. Deworming on a regular basis is one step towards defeating parasite invasion.

Feces Mucus – indicates that there is a problem going on bowel, possible inflammation.

Discharge – Look into your horses big beautiful eyes, and examine for discharge it may come in a small volume of blood or pus, and can be sometimes hard to find.

A few symptoms for harmful diseases include:

Nasal discharge, coughing, fever, and loss of appetite, may mean that your horse has Equine Influenza.

If your horse is showing a lack of energy, you may feel that this just isn’t their day; however, lack of energy combined with loss of weight, coughing up dust can be the infamous Heeves.

Sometimes our horses are irritated, and they act out, so we assess their physical parts for a solution. Considering that it must be something simple like: a call for food, water, or a nail in a hoof. A horse’s irritation is very serious and very misleading because the symptoms are very close to a fatal infection. If your horse shows signs of excitement paired with disorientation and increased saliva, then consider that your beloved horse may have an infection of its central nervous system. Thinking about the word hurts all the same, we call it Rabies.

Prepare a very expensive budget just for your horse, because although they may not have any of these diseases or issues once they are diagnosed, finding out costs many pennies.

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  1. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Voted. A very helpful article.
    1. Teshaw R
      Thank you, I learned a few from your post as well :)

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