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Color Me Curly
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Color Me Curly

I've always been a little artsy. Ever since I could hold a crayon, I've been drawing horses. Now that I have a little girl of my own, I draw horses for her to color. Since we got a Curly, I've created a new series of horses for her called, My Little Curly. Originally they were styled similarly to "My Little Pony", but with my own flair. Since I am a scientist at heart, my drawings have to be anatomically correct as well as having fun poses.

My creative process is unusual, I think. I am most creative when I have a migraine. There are no lights on as I begin drawing; the only light comes from the screen of my iPad. I start out by drawing the basic skeleton of the horse, or the black lines, in the pose I'm thinking about. I try to use photos for inspiration, but sometimes I simply dream up a pose that strikes me. It is very important to me for the horses I draw to be good representatives of equine form, so I try to use proper angles and proportions.

Next, I round out the skeleton by drawing the overall shape of the muscles atop the skeletal structure in the red lines. Then, I begin blending the musculature together across parts that remain boney in blue lines. This blending process continues until I'm happy with the overall figure in purple lines. Finally, I begin adding the curls with green lines.

Although I am perfectly capable of coloring and adding three dimensional shading to these drawings, I enjoy the crisp clean lines of these simple line drawings. At times, I do color my drawings myself or I let my daughter color one her own way. The bold outer lines are clearly meant for coloring books. That is my ultimate goal - to publish my collection of My Little Curly drawings as a coloring book. My test subjects, my daughter and nieces, enjoy my drawings so far. In order to appeal to a larger audience, I have even begun creating images with more intricate details similar to the 'adult' coloring pages and books that are so popular now.

My daughter and nieces have had success using my method to learn to draw horses, too. At 6 years old, my daughter does a very credible job drawing her own curlys. She doesn't know the skeleton of a horse like I do, but she's observant enough to have picked up on the proportions and duplicate them. I've also taught one of my nieces to use a similar method to draw horses, too.

Drawing and coloring can definitely be relaxing. It can also be fun to experiment and display for others to see. If you'd like to explore my drawings, please visit my art website.

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