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Clinical Signs and Symptoms of Horsecrazyness in Children
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Clinical Signs and Symptoms of Horsecrazyness in Children

There are lots of kids that are "horse crazy," some for just a little while, while others stay horse crazy for life. I'm sure many parents think their child will "outgrow" the horse phase.

Seeing as that I'm a horse crazy kid turned horse crazy grown up, I think I have a pretty good handle on the warning signs of when your child's horse-loving condition may in fact not just be passing through.

Clinical Signs of Horsecrazyness

1. They don't talk about anything besides horses.

2. They want clothes with horses on them.

3. They want toy horses.

4. They want Breyer horses.

5. They have a feeding and exercise regimen for their toy horses.

6. The only books they will read are horse books.

7. The only shows they watch on television have horses in them.

8. They won't bother to sit down and watch a movie unless it's about horses.

9. They begged for horseback riding lessons.

10. They want to go to their lesson whether it is burning hot or freezing cold.

11. They talk about their last lesson all week long, until it's time for the next one.

12. They read horse magazines.

13. Their bedroom walls are covered with horses they have cut out of the horse magazines.

14. They will do barn chores for free all day but demand you pay them an allowance.

15. They are saving their allowance to buy their own horse.

16. They ask for a horse for every holiday.

17. They have fallen off horses multiple times, but continue to want to ride.

18. Their only friends are kids from the barn.

19. They will sit quietly and watch horses at a horse show for hours, but won't sit for a little while to do their homework.

20. They will go to school even when they are sick so that they will still be allowed to go to the barn afterward.

The List Goes On and On

The signs and symptoms of a child who is going to be horse crazy for life are more than I can begin to even write in this post.

If your child is showing any of these or other signs of clinical horse craziness, I would recommend you get them to the nearest lesson barn. Your child is showing signs of not outgrowing horses, so you might as well get used to it and become a barn parent!

Treatment and Prognosis

There is no alternative treatment to this condition besides allowing the child to be around horses. The prognosis is an expensive but good one. Your child will be too busy with horses to get into trouble, but you might run out of money!

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