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Choosing the Correct Boarding Facility for You and Your Horse
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Choosing the Correct Boarding Facility for You and Your Horse

As equestrians, we all want the best for our equine friends. And first and foremost on our list is a place to board and train. Most important is to find a place that suits your equine friend's needs. Turnout, quality grain, good bedding, fresh water, and free choice hay are obvious must haves. But the most overlooked is asking yourself this simple question,” What are my goals and plans with my equine partner?” Find the place that is going to get you there. My daughter, my sister, and myself are riders. And our equine partners have different jobs -a barrel racer, an eventer, and a hunter-jumper. Obviously, the hunter-jumper would not fare well at a barrel racing facility and vice versa. However, in my experience people overlook the obvious. Big first mistake everyone. A trail rider is most happy trail riding, a barrel racer loves hunting barrels, and a jumper loves jumping. Pick the facility that matches your discipline. And take time in your decision making-not all trainers are a perfect fit for everyone. To no fault of the trainer’s people-lets face facts-they take the most heat. Try lessons with them first. I have watched people move right in to a boarding facility with zero knowledge of the trainer running the show. Work with the trainer, watch them work, and discuss goals. See if the personalities work well together, and see if your horse will fit into the environment. A spooky horse might not fare well in a cattle -sorting facility with a lot of action going on. A cutting horse isn’t going to fit into a place that doesn’t have cattle. Keep in mind we all love horses and we all want what’s best for them, but somehow, we mess up where we place the ones we love. Find the place that keeps you and your horse healthy, happy, and that helps you reach your goals! Don’t follow the Jones-what might work for one may not be the best decision for another-this is our job as horse owners first and foremost.

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  1. julian johansen
    julian johansen
    hey, just wanna add something to what your say here, if thats okay? what most ppl allso forget is, what is the horse intrest? lets say you have a horse thats breed to be a jumper. but that horse may still not have intrest to compet in (in there eyes) stupid jump contest. that horse may better like dressur fx, thuh thats not what you whanted, or the horse was breed for... a horse is like a 6 years old girl, it have dreams, many dreams, and lot of life. its gendel and kind to those who's the same to them. you and any who read my comment here shuld see a video caled the path of the horse on youtube, it last abute a hour, and everyone can learn a lot from it. a lot abute friendship, partnership, undestanding, and how abute to be soft, let go of ones need to lead, and allow yourself to be lead instead. horses can learn us a lot abute life. and they are 'belife it or not' talking to us all the time, allways they are speaking true us true body langues, we just got to learn to look and lissing. lets say your telling it to do something, and the horse runs away, kickin in the air. its the horse way to say noooo i dont whant to! i dont like doin that! please don't ask that of me!!! and so you are to accepth that and find something ells you can do with it. to get know your horse for real i suggest everyone to stop riding for at least a year to allow its back to heal for any injurs it may had got from the press on its back from your whaite, and just spent time with your horse, taik walks in the forest unleased, relaxing, just bien there for her or him as a friend, with no demands from the horse... now, you can go back to what you know and allways have done, or you can join in the dance, of the path of the horse...

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