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Can't Feed, Don't Breed
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Can't Feed, Don't Breed

I recently saw a bumper sticker that read this very thing, Can't Feed 'em, Don't Breed 'em. I really wish more people would take this statement to heart. Not just in the horse world, but cats, dogs & everything else in between. 

There is such an overload of horses both Wild & Domestic that are standing in pens waiting for their demise. This also is a broad subject & highly controversial so I'll keep it fairly simple here. 

There are professional & backyard breeders all over this nation & across the world. Every year hundreds of thousands of horses end up at auction or on a slaughter truck because of neglect, abuse or lack of concern. Our country is on horse overload right now. There are horses in rescues, some will never be able to be adopted, however those that can be are having a hard time finding homes because of the economy & stigma. Rescue horses are wonderful rehabbed horses that make super partners for any discipline. 

Americas Wild horses face this same fate of over crowding in holding pens or on trucks to slaughter. Instead, they should be left on their ranges where they belong. 

Do yourself & this country a favor & Don't Breed anymore horses. Papered horses are no different than non papered. They ride the same. 

If you're totally committed to caring for those babies, then by all means help yourself.. but truly we don't need anymore horses to be left stranded somewhere to try & fend for themselves. Once a horse is domesticated, it often doesn't have much of a chance of wilderness survival & therefore gets sick & starves. That's no way to treat such an amazing animal who thought the world of you at one time. 

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  1. love4equine
    Well said!!! I really wish people understood this. The saying could go for people as well as animals, some people are having children that they can't afford to feed. People who breed animals need to be responsible for making sure that the animal is properly cared for and fed for the it's entire life!!! If you don't want to be responsible for it then don't breed. I am very passionate about this subject and I am so glad you wrote about it!!!
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      It's certainly a sensitive subject, for the most part I believe people don't want to hear the truth & are blinded by "the baby" factor. It's a great thought, but the reality is often painful & our country has become lazy in accepting responsibility for our own actions. It's become easier to dump the leftovers for someone else to deal with.

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