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Camping With Horses
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Camping With Horses

I love to take the horses and go camping. Most of the time my camping trips are ladies only trips. Once or twice a year we allow our husbands to tag along. A perfect weekend is a small group of ladies trail riding, hanging out by the camp fire and just relaxing.

Friday evening I get everything loaded into the trailer that I can. I make sure we have clean bedding, towels, basic toiletries, first-aid kits for humans and horses, hay and grain for the horses, firewood, and the list goes on forever. I get the truck hooked up to the trailer and make sure that the truck and trailer are safe and ready to travel.

Early Saturday morning I take a quick shower (I won't get another one until we get back home), double check all of my lists to make sure everything is loaded. I get the ice in the ice chests and make sure we have all of our food. A normal menu for the weekend is pop tarts for breakfast, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, hotdogs for supper and s'mores for dessert. I grab my trusty trail mount, Sierra, out of the pasture. After she has watched me load everything into the trailer she seems to know what is going on and tends to argue a little bit about getting in the trailer. I get her loaded then I do a second safety check on the truck and trailer. I kiss my husband and dogs (not always in that order) and say good-bye.

I head down the road to pick-up my first friend and her horse. We throw her bags in the back seat of the truck and load her horse in the trailer. Then we are headed down the road to pick-up another friend and her horse. By this time the back seat of the truck is full of bags and there are three very happy ladies in the front. The good times have already begun; we laugh and talk all the way to the campsite.

When we get to the campsite the first order of business is getting the horses unloaded and settled. Sometimes we have to build pens and other times we just have to make sure the pens available are clean and safe. After the horses are settled we start trying to get our stuff organized. We hang a trash bag and the toilet paper on the side of the trailer first, those are two things you need to have handy at all times. After we get the campsite set-up we like to sit back and relax.

After relaxing for a bit, it's time to tack up the horses and go for a ride. No husbands or kids or other animals needing our attention so we ride as long as we want. When we finally make it back to camp we are normally ready for a short nap and something to eat. If it's not too late, we get in another ride. Not every ride takes us out on to the trails, sometimes we just ride around camp. We always make sure we are back at camp and have our horses settled in for the night before dark.

When it gets dark we hang out by the fire (assuming there is not a burn ban) making s'mores, laughing and relaxing. After a full day of riding horses we are normally ready to get some sleep fairly early. We put out the fire and head to the trailer. We are like little school girls having a sleep over. We get in the bed and we start talking and laughing. Eventually we all drift off to sleep and all you hear is the beautiful silence of nature.

Early Sunday morning we wake up grab a can of soda and a pop tart for breakfast and head out to check on our horses. We feed the horses then sink into a chair for a few minutes while we try to wake up. We slowly get around and get dressed. Then, we get our horses tacked up and ready for another ride. After a few hours on the trail our cell phones start ringing. The husbands and/or kids are calling to see when we are coming home. We head back to the campsite get our horses untacked and settled.

We relax for a little bit then get the camp broke down and everything loaded into the truck and trailer. Sometimes we will sneak in another short ride. Then we load up the horses and head home. The ride home is normally very quiet. We are tired, dirty, and dreading going back to reality. It has been a great weekend.

I am ready to go camping. Are you ready?

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  1. naturegirl
    Voted! This sounds like fun! Come read my new post, When to Tap, and vote if you like it!
  2. mrsboat99
    I Can totally Relate to your story,,I Love going camping with my horse and my girlfriends,,And It Is A lot of packing,checking, & rechecking,,But it is well worth it! When its just the giirls, & horses its such a free sortof feeling,,we laugh,,and laugh some more,,lol,,and maybe a mishap or five,,But we all pitch in and help if one of us needs it,,& one of us usually do,,,I love going wiith my husband also,,and always have a great time,,but is just Sometimes we girls need some time away to be silly,relate to one another, & just be friends,,. We are plaing a trip in March, & I Am already packing my horse trailer,,So I Can make sure I Have EVERYTHNG we all need! Thanks for sharing your stories with us,,,, Happy Camping!
    1. love4equine
      Happy Camping to you too!!! I am also planning a ladies camping trip in March and looking forward to it!!! I have already started counting down. Have fun!!!

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