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Bye Bye Bullet: Losing a Horse
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Bye Bye Bullet: Losing a Horse

Every Saturday, I go out to Virginia to train my friend's horse. When I went out there for the first time, I met a mini pony named Bullet. I fell in love with him at first sight. He made me beyond happy. I spent a lot of time with him that first day. Every time I went out I would run straight to his paddock and ring out his name and he would whinny right back! He was always the last one I said goodbye to, after G of course, and I just couldn't believe his cuteness. I was in love but didn't truly realize it until this Wednesday evening. I received a text message saying "I am so sorry sweetie, but Bullet had to be put down tonight. I said a final goodbye for you." It hadn't hit me until I got to my own barn later that day. I was trying to avoid the true reality of what was going on by cleaning tack and getting one of my horses Minnie ready for a ride. I rode her and then got off. It was then that it hit me. My heart literally sunk to the bottom of my stomach and I collapsed to the floor and started bawling my eyes out. The feeling of losing a horse you truly love, is the worst feeling in the world, and I am so sad to say that I have had to feel that twice this year all ready. So Bullet, here is my final goodbye to you:

You are probably the cutest horse (pony) I have ever met. No doubt. And of course, I was originally in love just for your appearance, but you are too sweet for words. You didn't like anyone else, yet you perked your ears for me. I felt loved. You found someone that was in need of a little help and needed someone to cheer them up, and you came to my rescue. You were my sunshine. My fluffy little ball of sunshine. I honestly don't know what I will do without you and your sunshine that made my week better automatically. So here is what I promise you: I promise to find some more sunshine and keep up the work you were doing for me, and I promise to take care of your best friend Cookie. She will get lots of hugs and kisses from me every weekend. I regret not getting to say all of this in person, but please know that I love you to the moon and back. Rest in Peace, little sunshine. I love you.

And my message to all of you readers: go hug your horses tonight. I did. You never know when they will be taken away from you. I never thought I would see this day come. Tell them you love them even on bad days and never take one moment for granted. 

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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    I'm so sorry for your loss. Losing those we are close to is difficult & once you come through your grief you'll be ready to love another. We are so privileged to give & receive love to the one's who come into our lives. Voted. Please check out When to release the pressure & vote if you liked it. Thank you
  2. naturegirl
    I definitely understand the loss. I have lost a couple of pets already myself, and know how much it hurts to have to say goodbye. Remember the good times and hopefully your sorrow will dissipate quickly enough. I voted. When you have the chance, come check out my new piece: Herbs for your Horse.
  3. jst4horses
    Losing a horse never gets easier, whether it is yours or someone else's. I was discussing that with the vet when I had to have Cocoa Spirit put down last month after this 34 year old mustang had a stroke and could not use his rear legs. The vet said it never gets easier for him either. That is why I love my vets. They understand. The first time I bought my own horse, after hundreds and hundreds of horses over the years of training and loving other people's horses, I kept thinking "I could turn back" as we took the trailer up to pick up the two horses. I knew, one day, it was going to be a lot worse. But you know, it really wasn't. It is always the worst, but it is worth it. It taught me, hug not just your horse, but your family, your friends. Say hello, stop to give a pat to a horse that is not lucky enough to have someone to love them, and to people not lucky enough to have someone to love them. Take time to work with that obnoxious horse and give it a chance. And people. I have worked in criminal legal programs for rehabilitation of criminals (especially juveniles) for decades. Many are teachers, parents, dentists, doctors, lawyers and judges who help young people themselves now. When I lose one to their own self pity, or pain, or addictions, it hurts, and never gets easier, but horses have taught me to keep on loving and enjoying. Coming into our stable is like being a celebrity, the horses all love people, it is their job as therapeutic riding horses. AND today one of our friends, who lends us his four horses for the program has a NEW love, a tiny Arabian mix colt, born in the tiny morning hours.
  4. horsecrazy
    I am wrighting this with tears running down my face i have felt the lose of my horse she was my bestfriend and i lost her to a drunk driver and stupid ppl who let my horse out of her fence and she got hit when i was not at home i had got her when i was 12yrs old and lost her when i was 18yrs old i cryed every day for 2weeks i still miss her today and think about her all the time it was very hard for me that yrs :'(
    1. jst4horses
      You bring up a sad reality. Protect your horse. I have lost one to a weird guy who decided the horses should run free, so he used bolt cutters and cut the back fence and took them to the park and let them loose. I was at work when a friend called and asked if I knew my horses were running down a huge major street. I ran out, got up there, and the neighbor had seen them running up the stable street and let them in the front gate. One of them had hit a barbed wire fence, torn his intestine, and was too old for surgery and had to be put down. He had had pnumonia and the vet said he was older, and had bad lungs, he said he needed to be put down, it was horrifying. The man was just a nut, he had no right to let my horses out, or be near them.

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