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Buying your kid a horse help
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Buying your kid a horse help

Over the years (quite a few) I have seen so many horses bought with good intentions left to spend their days grazing in the field.Worse yet there is a child who never had a fair shot at enjoying the experience and probably will never take up riding again..How this happens I believe,is that someones good intentioned parents bought them a horse. First they try to catch their new friend but he/she is not so friendly.After 45 minutes of the familygiving  chase, this horse is finally cornered and caught.As the child starts to brush the horse moves away and is uneasy making the child uneasy. By the time the horse is saddled and ready theyhave calmed down a bit,The first ride is a success other then that little fit she threw when someone stepped in the stirrup.But as the child is wallking the horse back to pasture you cant help but notice the horse is running her over and stopping to graze at its leisure and when asked to stop it does not.After a few days more small problems surface.Pretty soon the child finds dealing with the horse to much hassle or maybe too scary.And mom and dad do not quite know how to rekindle that horse fever.Have you ever heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? If you are not a horse person,find one! Nothing can ruin a kids experience like a horse that is too much for them or maybe just greenbroke.The right horse makes all the difference.Find someone who is savy in the horse world, and not someone that may be wanting  to sale you a horse. If  possible let them see your child ride so they can see her ability,because face it we all build our kids up a little and that could mean picking out a horse that was just too much for them. This can also go the other way,your child could be bored and unchallenged on a plug along horse. And dont buy the first horse you see,as nice as you may have thought they were,you may see much better if you look around. Its worth it in the long run  to take your time and look at many horses before choosing. And its just like a car, if you arent a mehanic you cant really judge what you are getting until its too late. Take your horse person with you too see all new prospects and help you ask the right questions and hopefully ride the horse a minute or two and give you their opinion. Then make sure your child rides the horse more then 2 times around the round pen at a walk. Turn the horse,back the horse,change gates,ask if the horse is particularly afraid of anything like water for example.Does the horse keep its weight on easily or is it what they call a hard keeper. How are his feet,is he hard to worm,does he bite or kick people or other horses.Is he barn sour or herd bound.If you dont know these terms then that should tell you that taking someone to give you a little help is a good idea. Getting your child the right horse makes all the difference in wether they will go home and be comfortable and enjoy riding or be scared or frustrated and give up on riding. If this article finds you too late and you have already purchased a bit of a problem dont fret,You can still save the relationship by getting the horse a little help from a trainer or perhaps a very experienced rider who could work with the horse a bit. Give that horse a chance now that youve purchased him. And the last thing I will mention on this subject is dont go buy your kid that "cute little pony".Ponies have a tendency to be a bit honory and an adult may be too big to get on and work with them.Welch poniesm, POA's and quarter ponies are a little better then the shetlands but a nice gentle short horse will last your child longer if they do keep the interest.


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