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Bus Riding Horse in London
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Bus Riding Horse in London

You may lead a horse to the water. You may even be able to make it drink the water. But can you make a horse board a bus? Evidently, you can. Recently, a horse seemed to want to board one of the famous London double-decker buses. It was a number 43 bus. Simon Crowcroft, a politician, came across this very rare sight in Islington, North London while he was visiting friends.

A London double-decker bus is a normal sight around the city. However, when a horse is seen as if it wants to board one, it is not so normal or common. This is what happened on Tuesday morning. It so happened that a passenger on this particular bus had been taken ill. Police constable Dan Smith was responding to the distress call from the passengers of this bus. His horse, Invictor, left to his own devices on the road peeked in through the front door of the bus to see what all the ruckus was about. The passenger that had been taken ill had actually collapsed in the bus. Simon Crowcroft told the Islington Gazette that when Invictor peeped into the bus, it was a strange sight indeed.

He is reported to have said that he was lost outside Sainsbury when he came upon this site. Since he always needs his phone at hand because his job demands it, he was able to capture this very unusual image. The image has gone viral since it was posted. The horse, Invictor, of the mounted police had followed his master, Police Constable Dan Smith to the front gate of the bus, after he received a call from the passengers of the bus about another passenger who had collapsed. Mr. Crowcroft said that the inside of the bus was not visible because Invictus was blocking the view. However, it was clear from the scene that an officer of the mounted police was inside the bus and was helping someone on it.

In a tweet, the Met Taskforce said that Invictus, the police horse, was helping PC Dan Smith with an emergency call and proving that he is a team player. As for the passenger that had collapsed in the bus, he was treated on the bus and was taken to the hospital, just to be sure.

Many jokes have started making the rounds about Invictus trying to get on a London bus. One tweet says, “Pleasing that it's just down the Holloway Road from the Nag's Head”. Another asks, “Is that the bus to Haymarket?” Probably the two funniest ones are the ones that point at Simon Crowcroft, “Infuriates me when people get on via the exit doors!” and “What on earth would a horse want in Islington?”

No matter what the jokes are that are making the rounds, it made for a very good photo opportunity. Animals are often more expressive than human beings when it comes to actions. Horses are fiercely loyal to their masters. It is probably this instinct that led Invictor, the mounted police horse, to follow PC Dan Smith into the London double-decker bus.

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