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Building a relationship built on trust with your horse
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Building a relationship built on trust with your horse

Building a strong relationship of trust between yourself and your horse is very important not only for training purposes, but for bonding heart to heart. A rider and their horse must trust one another in order to work together in harmony. It is essential that you show patience and let your horse know he is loved.

The horse and rider must have a good relationship based on trust and on love, in order for them to perform successfully together. A trusting relationship essentially starts with comfort and accountability. You must be comfortable with your horse and he must be comfortable with you. Your horse needs to know that in your care he is safe. Remember if you and your horse have trust issues they cannot be resolved in the saddle. On the ground the playing field between you and horse is an even one.

Begin by building your trust relationship with your horse by spending some time with them one on one. Spend time with your horse in his stall, brushing him for at least twenty minutes at a time, or grazing him in the yard. Let him get to know the sound of your voice as well as your habits. When you interact with your horse or are training them and they respond correctly remember to reward them.

One of the most important aspects of building trust is consistency. If your horse cannot count on you for the same commands, punishments and rewards he will lose trust in you quickly.

Your horse must also sense by your reactions that you to have full trust in him. Horses sense fear and they will lose trust in you if they feel you do not trust them as well.

If you feel that you cannot overcome trust issues with your horse, you may want to turn to a third party for an outside opinion. Sometimes A third party can pinpoint problems you wouldn't otherwise have noticed.

The relationship between a horse and rider is the most important thing to both of them. If you love your horse and take the time to build a solid relationship you will find you can make a friend who will be willing to give their lives for you and your love for them will ensure you do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

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  1. Ronnie
    Great advice!
  2. evgr
    Great piece!
  3. naturegirl
    This is a lovely piece. Please come read my new post, Dedication Towards a Work Colleague, and vote if you liked it!
  4. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted! :) Love this! It's so true & many may not realize that trust is huge with horses.
  5. Ariana
    Thank you! Good article!
  6. TreasureDawn
    Had never read that trust issues cannot be solved in saddle but it makes perfect sense. Thank you!

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