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Building Your Horse's Trust
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Building Your Horse's Trust

You have a new horse, but you don’t feel quite that comfortable with it yet. The horse seems a bit leery of you as well. How do you build that relation of trust that is needed to ensure you, your new horse and any other horses you own all get along well? Read on to know what to do.

First, you need to let it know that you care. Speaking to it softly and gently petting it will tell it that you want it to respect you. Never let it disrespect you, though. It may try to push you away, but pushing against you can be a sign of affection, too.

You need to let it know that you are the boss, or the “alpha horse”, if you will. This animal lets others of its kind know who is the leader by making the others get out of its way, and they respond by moving. Do the same. Be careful not to become aggressive, but give it a gentle nudge or even a push and it will move away.  Always make your horse step aside instead of you walking around it.  To test its loyalty, walk around your property. It the horse follows you where you go, it accepts your leadership.

After this, petting and cuddling is best kept as a reward. This does not mean to completely stop giving it affection, but keep it down a bit and use it to make the horse understand when it is acting according to what you want. Also, refrain from hitting it. Your horse will appreciate it if you just step away or do any other negative withdrawal action to let it know it did something you don’t like.

When you have the horse’s respect, now is the time to ride it. It is much better to wait until this part of the process, and not before, to actually sit on it. This way, you’re the boss while you are the most vulnerable with your horse.

If your horse shows any aggressive behaviour, it is better to seek advice from a professional instead of getting injured. To keep from having a spoiled horse, keep treats to a minimum.


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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted! Great article & advice. Horses are sensitive to sounds, touch & even to body language. Please stop by & vote for my blogs if you enjoy them. Thanks!

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