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Bucket List of Fun Equine Activities: Part 2
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Bucket List of Fun Equine Activities: Part 2

Color Code Your Tack

Something I have been obsessed with since day one of owning a horse was color coding tack. I made all my equipment red and black. It really made my horse stand out and we got tons of compliments for looking so snazzy!

Give Your Horse a Spa Day

Almost everyone likes a spa day, who doesn’t want to relax and feel great? Your horse deserves some tender loving care after working hard. Give your horse a bath, braid their mane and tail, and gently rub their muscles.

Ride on a Trail You Have Always Wanted to Do

Personally, I have always wanted to ride in the forest. The green trees and cool air has always sounded appealing to me. I think holding out hope to go somewhere you have always wanted to creates excitement for your future with your best friend.

Try a Different Discipline

Many riders specialize in a certain discipline with their horse but, it’s okay to have a field day and to get out of your comfort zone! This also gets your horse out of their routine. It’s also challenging to try something different. So, maybe if you usually jump then, try doing a trail course. Take it slow though! It’s all in good fun!

Teach Them a Trick

Teaching your horse a trick can be controversial to some. It can become a nuisance if a dangerous trick is taught. I recommend doing research on what trick to do and how to do it.

Have a Picnic with Your Horse

On an exhausting day, I loved giving my horse an apple and relaxing with my own lunch in the field. It gave me a chance to spend some quality time with my mare and to have a yummy snack.

Do an Obstacle Course

Doing an obstacle course kills two birds with one stone. It desensitizes your horse to odd objects and is a lot of fun to try and do! I recommend looking up some ideas that are easy for you and your animal.

Ride to Music

I think horses love music as much as we do. My mare always seemed to step to the beat when I played music during riding. Make sure it isn’t too loud and it doesn’t spook your horse.

Photo Shoot

A photo shoot is a fun way to work on your photography skills and get some beautiful photos of your horse. Time to get some frames!

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