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Bubbles Does a Brilliant Donkey Act
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Bubbles Does a Brilliant Donkey Act

It was quite an ordinary day for animal rescuer Sue Chapman when she embarked on a journey to save some donkeys from being slaughtered. However, little did the owner of Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue know that her day would turn quite extraordinary.

As she arrived to a kill pen in Frisco that held several donkeys to be sent for slaughter, what she saw amazed her. One of the donkeys in the pen looked a little too tall than the rest. On closer inspection, it turned out that tall ‘donkey’ was in fact a horse. Members of the rescue team collectively decided to name the horse Bubbles, who seemed to have pulled off a brilliant donkey act. However, no one can say for sure whether it was deliberate on Bubbles’ part or a mere accident.

A Narrow Escape

The aged grey gelding was sure to have been put down by the kill lot employees, had it not been for a lucky twist of fate. Horses are usually sent to Mexico to be slaughtered due to the ban on the activity in America, and Bubbles was all set to be on its way there as well. However, in an act of self-rescue, the horse sought refuge with a herd of donkeys.

Bubbles pretty much walked right past the kill lot employees, taking no heed to their angry commands, and found its way to the trailer of the non-profit organization. Standing there, making absolutely no noise, he outright demanded to be rescued with a brilliant donkey act. Luckily, the money that Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue had raised to save 9 donkeys was enough to pay for Bubbles’ bail too. This way, Bubble was rescued and became quite famous after Chapman’s Facebook update about the matter garnered attention on social media.

An Organization for Hope

Although a story like Bubbles’ is virtually unheard of, Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue is responsible for saving a multitude of animals from the clutches of death around its hometown of Frisco. The organization was named in honor of the first animal they rescued, a mare named Becky, who now continues to reside at their permanent sanctuary herd. Since then, they have taken it upon themselves to rehabilitate and rehome several more horses. They achieve this by raising money and rescuing abandoned or injured horses whenever they can. Run entirely by volunteers, they also educate the public regarding horseman skills, and teach people how to care for their horses.

A Positive Outcome

Now famous as the horse who escaped slaughter by pretending to be a donkey, Bubbles’ viral story has been shared and liked by thousands of people on social media. The 25 year old gelding has ears that have crumbled due to frostbite, and had it not been for sheer luck, it had no chances of being rescued. After pulling off a brilliant donkey act, Bubbles was brought to the sanctuary along with the donkeys. Other than entertaining people all over the world, this story has also brought in several donations for Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue, helping them to make lives easier for more members of the equine family.

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