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Brron My Warrior Horse
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Brron My Warrior Horse

Brron has been part of the family and healing team for over seven years and shares his life with Ebony. He is not only my teaching horse but from the first moment I saw something in him that I felt was pulling at something inside of myself.

When I saw myself through his eyes I found a part of myself that was so hidden that I could barely touch it; and yet he knew it like he knew an old friend.

Brron is my soul horse; he resonates at the frequency of my most authentic self and he sees within me, my highest version of self.

In the most vulnerable of my moments he has reflected to me only my strengths.

It the midst of fear he has shown that I can love myself.

He is all that I have become and all that I can ever be.

Without his presence in my life I would have become lost in the confusion of others' expectations and disappointments. The love and confidence that he has continued to show in me has allowed me never to lose faith in myself and to continue to explore my potential.

This well of brilliance shines like diamonds and I find myself with skills and talents that had laid dormant within. These skills now feed back to other horses who have joined the team and who continue to amaze me with their abilities and the trust they place in me.

When you allow yourself to become all that you can be then all around you others can build confidence in themselves to allow their authentic self out. There is no one more excepting of this process then horses. Without ego and judgment they support our growth and allow for our mistakes. The layers come away and we are left with a version ourselves that can achieve anything.

Brron now works with other people, showing them their destiny; helping them to believe in themselves and pushing them to fight for the best version of their lives.

I am thankful daily for his presence in my life and that of the other incredible equines who are part of my family and healing team.


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