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Welcome Home! Tips for Making Your New Horse Feel at Home
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Welcome Home! Tips for Making Your New Horse Feel at Home

So you are planning on bringing your new horse home and you want to make the experience easy for him and you both. Don’t worry, we've got you covered. Read below on how you can make the transition as stress-free as possible with our top 10 tips for welcoming your horse into their new home

  1. Before bringing the horses home, make sure to educate yourself on the types of feed they prefer. If the horses on your farm are eating a completely different feed than the new horse, you might want to gradually change the feed. But perform the process slowly. Research has shown that sudden changes in feed can result in colic and fussiness.
  2. Get the horse thoroughly checked for any diseases before bringing them to the new home. Get a vet appointment booked in your hometown, too, to get your horse a proper check-up in their new surroundings to prevent any infections.
  3. If your horse is new to trailer rides, you can try partnering them up with a seasoned traveler. Having a steady companion along will boost the horse’s confidence. And you never know they may become friends during the ride!
  4. Make sure that the new home of your equine is adequately supplied with fresh water and feed according to their special requirements.
  5. Don’t rush the horse. Make sure you give them plenty of time to settle in before taking them out to ride or meet their new neighbors.
  6. When breaking your horse into a new home, be prepared to spend extra time with them. Give them special attention and extra care.
  7. Bond with your horse by grooming them. You can also read a book in their stall or listen to music together. This way they will become more interested in what you are doing and may even feel the need to join you.
  8. If this is the first time you have taken in a horse, take help from experienced persons in regards of feed, water, exercise, and medicine.
  9. Pay close attention to the behavior of your horse. If you observe that the equine is eating or drinking too much or too little then it’s best to schedule a visit to the vet as some horses react differently to major transitions.
  10. Experts say that most horses settle in well within 2 weeks of their move. Just like people, some horses adjust quickly to new environment while others take their sweet time. 

These were just some of the tips to help your horse settle into their new home. Remember, if it was up to them, they would have chosen to stay right where he was previously. Take it easy and enjoy the transition with your new best friend!

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    Of Horse Support
    Thanks for sharing! Any new horse is sure to feel loved and welcome with these great tips!

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