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Blowing Out Candles Excites Horses Too
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Blowing Out Candles Excites Horses Too

From a young age, we are all introduced to the tradition of blowing out the candles on our birthday cakes, with this act often involving a wish and being a happy time of celebration. However, did you know that some members of the animal kingdom can enjoy this amusing tradition as well? An amusing new video has been posted online showing a horse named JD blowing out some candles on his very own birthday cake and promptly whinnying with glee at the act.

We would never normally expect to see an animal doing something like this, but they can often surprise us by doing the funniest things and imitating the humans they live with. In the past, we have seen dogs and cats walking like humans and even saying a few simple words, and the internet is littered with countless videos of our furry and feathered friends doing humorous little actions that make us all laugh.

In this case, a horse named JD, who lives in the Ithilien stables just outsie New York City is seen celebrating his birthday with his owners, who have prepared him a cake. The video begins with the owners of the horse singing the classic “Happy Birthday” song we’ve all heard so many times and holding up the cake to the horse’s muzzle and inviting him to blow out the candles.

Incredibly, the horse seems to immediately obey the command of his owners and extinguishes the candles with one quick blow, at which point they all explode with glee and laughter, including the horse. JD seems to be quite excited by all of this commotion and appears quite content to have blown out the candles, whinnying in glee for several seconds. His owners are equally amused and entertained by his excited reaction.

The video doesn’t show whether or not JD enjoyed eating his cake after blowing out the candles, but we can imagine that he probably did. It’s always funny to see animals doing the most unexpected and amusing things and this is just one example of many. At least we now know that humans aren’t the only ones who can be excited by blowing out the candles as part of a birthday celebration, and horses are clearly big fans of this activity as well. We’ll have to wait and see what other fun things horses might like to imitate in future videos.

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