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Blindness Does Not Stop Endo
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Blindness Does Not Stop Endo

We bet you’ve seen a lot of horses performing admirably at various horse events around the globe, especially if you’re interested in equine related events. These horses are trained all their lives by their owners, and are kept in the most ideal conditions possible.

However, if you wish to see something different, then you’d want to be part of the Breyerfest Carnival being held in the Kentucky Horse Park this year. It is here that Endo, a horse who is blind in both eyes, will be showing off his skills in a special performance. Endo is the kind of horse that shows people that even something as major as blindness is not enough to stop anyone from achieving what they want.

Morgan and Endo, An Extraordinary Story

Morgan, Endo’s trainer, has developed a deep connection with her horse over the 15 years they’ve been a pair. Endo was a young horse when Morgan chose him as her pet from among various others. Over time, however, Endo started suffering from glaucoma and a case of recurrent uveitis. He lived with ever-increasing pain, other than developing blindness, for a long time. When he was 12, his owner made the difficult decision to have his eyes removed to alleviate the pain.

A Story of Perseverance

Endo was almost blind before the removal of his eyes, but he could still see the difference between light and dark. Morgan, who had grown up with lupus, knew what such a devastating change in lifestyle means for someone. She took it upon herself to support Endo and to nurse him back to his former mental state. Together, the pair worked hard, and today even complete blindness does not stop Endo from being an extraordinary performance horse.

A Story of Support

The way Endo has recovered is not only a testament to his own willpower but also to the support that Morgan gave him. The biggest problem Endo faced after the removal of his eyes was keeping his balance. In order to help him gain his balance back quickly, Morgan started riding Endo the very next day after his surgery. They would ride in circles, a difficult feat for Endo. Over time, Morgan would make the circles smaller and increase Endo’s speed.

After months of practicing, Endo was at the stage of competing as a performance horse once again. The way Endo and Morgan, as a team, navigate through equitation courses today is nothing short of inspiring.

An Ordinary Lifestyle

Today, Endo has adjusted to his change. He can find his own food, reach his stall, drink his water, and work in sync with Morgan. Morgan says that Endo is a very smart and polite horse who wants to please people. He eats whatever he wants and lives a very normal life.

The pair is very excited to perform at the BreyerFest Carnival this July and can’t wait to show people that Endo’s blindness does not stop him. If you’re even a little interested in equine events and happen to live nearby, make sure to pay a visit to the Kentucky Horse Park this July to see Endo in action.

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