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Benefits of Pony Club
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Benefits of Pony Club

The United States Pony Clubs Inc. is an educational organization that teaches riding and mounted sports. The Pony Club teaches the care of horses and ponies and develops in youth the characteristics of responsibility, sportsmanship, moral judgment, leadership, and self confidence. Hi “Of Horse” audience, it’s the Pony Bloggers (Gucci, Sweetsie, and Leggs) here to teach everyone about the Pony Club.

The Pony Club gives the opportunity for shared fun and cooperative work with others. The fair and friendly competitions develop teamwork and sportsmanship. Pony Club is beneficial for both horse and rider and is committed to safety. Pony Club members experience a range of activities, including riding lessons, show competition, quizzes to test knowledge and various other horse related activities. Pony Club makes learning fun.

Members advance through pony club levels in accordance with “ratings” which test the knowledge and ability of pony clubbers. The organization emphasizes the importance of knowledge about horse management; members learn to take of care of a horse and have the knowledge required to set up their own barn. While most members own his or her own horse or pony, horse ownership is not required.

Everyone joins Pony Club as an unrated member and progresses through the lower level ratings (D-1 through C-2) at their own pace. A local Pony Club Examiner tests these skills. The C-3 rating is taken at Regional Testing and the B, Ha, and A are national ratings, administered by the National Testing Committee. The requirements for each rating are called the Standards of Profiency.

The D rating is an introduction to riding, establishing a foundation of safety habits and knowledge of the daily care of pony and tack. The C Pony Club member is learning to become an active horse person, to understand the reasons for what he or she is doing, and to care for a pony and equipment.

Some feel the requirements for Pony Club are too difficult. Us Pony Bloggers (Gucci, Sweetsie, and Leggs) could not disagree more. As horses, it is important for riders to know their stuff. The level of requirements, responsibility for safety, and experiences gained through Pony Club gives riders the skills needed to work with horses. Pony Club helps kids develop responsibility, a work ethic and a sense of purpose. These are lifelong skills not only for riding, but also for everyday living.

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  1. tiger6xray
    Great article! I really enjoy your blogs and love the fact that the horses narrate them.
  2. Cowgirl
    Great article! I couldn't agree more-Pony Club helps build better riders! Love the Pony Bloggers-Gucci, Sweetsie and Leggs!

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