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Because She’s Worth It
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Because She’s Worth It

“As a horse lover, you’re greeted with whinnies, nuzzled by a soft nose, and carried over the earth with the wind in your face. You’re the luckiest person alive!” That is a quote from Horse Sense and Nonsense, by Cindy Hale.

Did I give you your Christmas present yet?” Rose asked me last week, as she got out of her SUV in front of the stables.

“You don’t have to give me anything,” I assured her, watching as she grabbed a handful of giftbags out of her backseat with happy Santa Claus faces on them. “Yes I do, here!” She shoved one into my hands without looking to see if it had my name on it.

“Thanks, just what Peachie Girl and I needed!” I laughed, seeing a bag of carrots inside and realizing that she was giving each of us at the barn the same thing. She was basically using us as a treat dispenser for the lucky horses that live there. Genius.

At our barn, it’s all about the horses. They let us ride them, they let us whisper our pain away into their ears without turning from us, and they put up with our hugs when to them it might seem scarily similar to a mountain lion trying to take them down by the neck. Every gal I work with knows that our horses earn every treat we can lavish on them.

We spare no expense. Last month my fellow stable-worker - I love calling her that, because she really is “stable” in every sense of the word - recommended a certain hoof supplement that Peachie Girl would benefit from. I had just finished my Christmas shopping and had been hoping that was the end of my expenditures for the year, but I was worried about her hooves. Without hesitation, I went online and spent another $70 to make sure Peachie Girl had what she needed.

When I count my blessings of how lucky I am, Peachie Girl always makes the list and she deserves whatever is within my means to give her. 

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  1. drmhorse100
    I so totally agree! Happy new year, enjoy every day with Peachie girl
    1. Jayne Thurber-Smith
      Jayne Thurber-Smith
      And Happy New Year from us to you!

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