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Horse Training Basics
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Horse Training Basics

Horse training can be controversial because of the several different methods, some of which are considered cruel, that the trainers utilize. Proper training teaches horses different behaviors and give their human better control over the horse. There are hundreds of books and videos on the market that can teach you the details of all the different training methods. Here we will look at the basics, including the stages of the trainings.

To begin, one has to understand the main goal of training horses. What can be gained by training a horse? Not only can training a horse yield instructing horses to perform tasks to help humans but training can also turn a horse more easily, making them safer to be handle. Training will turn a horse into an obedient and respectful companion that will rely on you. Just remember that training a horse is not a game and should be taken seriously.

Common Stages of Horse Training

Fouls and younger horses: It is said that the younger the horse is when you start training them, the better. By starting young, you can teach the horse respect and teach it not to fear humans. Basic training skills applied at a young age, make the horse more comfortable with things or people being placed on their back and lessens their fear of loud, sudden noises.

Ground training: Although it varies in every training school as to what is taught to a horse after the age of 1, it is usually preferable to start them off with some basic ground training. Ground training, basically speaking, is preparing a horse to be ridden. Although a horse’s bones are still too fragile to be ridden at this point, it needs to be accustomed to the riding gears and needs to understand basic voice commands before it is ready.

Riding the horse: All the training and preparation is to get to this point. There are several different methods that are used to introduce a horse to a rider for the first time, but the main goal is for the horse to stay still while the rider gets on and begins to follow the command.

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