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Barn Fire Safety
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Barn Fire Safety

Hi again “Of Horse” audience, its me Legg’s (You might remember me from my past blog about treating Sarcoids) and I am going to help out with some important fire safety tips to keep your horses and barns safe. After all, most barn fires are preventable. Smoking must be prohibited in and around the barn area.

Post signs and enforce this because this is the number one cause of barn fires. There are too many things that can ignite easily-cobwebs, hay, shavings, etc. With that being said, I am going to remind all of you to keep the barn areas clean, get rid of all the cobwebs and extra hay hanging from the loft. Make sure hay is stacked properly and cool. Encase light bulbs, if they shatter, they explode and can spark a fire. Make sure electrical is up to date (another leading cause of barn fires) and clean out dust from all outlets regularly. Never store propane in a barn or heat with any sort of propane heater.

Some barns use sunlamps, but don't as they are another leading cause of barn fires. Some ways to help enforce fire safety include having smoke detectors professionally installed. The cheaper ones do not work as well; they get dusty and clog up. And stop working. Take the time to have a fire safety product specialist evaluate the facility so issues are taken care of the right way. And always have fire extinguishers handy and accessible. Post a sign with the name and address of the facility where everyone can see so if there is an emergency there is no delay. Another great idea is to hang additional halters and lead ropes attached within reach. I like the idea of having them all one color. Red works perfect. This can serve very well just in case. And remember education.

Include a fire safety course for all staff and students. It’s a tough topic, believe me, especially from a horse’s perspective. Fires frighten us tremendously. However, it’s a life-saving one as well. Be prepared, but not paranoid (something I hear humans say and very true).

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