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Back to the Barn!
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Back to the Barn!

It's been over four years (four YEARS) since I have ridden my horse.

It's amazing how things change when you have kids.  I swore having kids wouldn't change my relationship with my horses...I was not going to be *that* mom.  And yet...here I am.

I'm totally *that* mom.

People told me that horses would always be there, that I could get back to them at any time.  And it's true.  My horse awaits.  Chubby (ok, let's be real here...FAT), dirty, and probably half-wild (he was never that interested in being ridden to begin with, I can only imagine what four years off has done for him!), but he's definitely waiting for me.

The thing is, I did take four years off.  In that time period, I've birthed a couple of babies. ridden only a handful of times (on horses other than my own - horses who are easy and slow and ridden regularly by other people), and sold nearly all of my tack.  I've gone from Existing-To-Serve-My=Equines to Maybe-I'll-Get-Back-To-It-Someday.

But my friends...the time has come.  

I'm ready to get back in the saddle.

The next couple of weeks are busy, what with the holidays and all.  

But I hope you'll join me in my journey as I get back to it - and saddle up old Seamus for the first time in what feels like FOREVER.

Because it was true, what everyone told me - the horses will always be there.  They are still there.  They are waiting for me to haul my slightly wider butt (thanks, babies) out to the barn and get back in the saddle.

Four years has been long enough.

Yes! Send me a full color horse trailer brochure from Featherlite.

Thanks! Your brochure will be on its way shortly.
  1. Terri AP Widdowson
    Good for you! Do any of your children like horses too? Looking forward to hearing more! You have my vote!
    1. Carrie Lindsey
      Thanks so much! So far, my son likes horses but would prefer to go golfing with his dad (he's four). My daughter is 16 months and I have more hope for her - we were watching showjumping on youtube last night and she LOVED it!
  2. Terri AP Widdowson
    Better start saving your money!
  3. threeceltichorse
    I've been there and it is rough getting back but very worth it. It would be great if the kids can take an interest in riding too as it is a great activity that teaches compassion, disapline, and unconditional love. Keep us posted as you go on this new adventure.

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