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Ba Ji San for Those Sore Backs of Your Horse
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Ba Ji San for Those Sore Backs of Your Horse

For any horse, a sore or a weak back is a major problem. Horses are mostly used for carrying humans. For any horse that is not able to perform this basic function is a nightmare for its owner. For those sore backs of your horse, there is a wonderfully effective traditional Chinese medicinal herbal blend available. It goes by the name of Ba Ji San. It is also used effectively for treating sore and weak backs of cats and dogs.

As per western medical indications, Ba Ji San is for weakness of the rear portion of a horse and its sore and/or weak back. As per traditional Chinese medicine indications, this herbal blend is for various other ailments – coldness in the back or the extremities of the body, kidney Qi or Yang deficiency, purple and pale tongue, weak and deep pulse, edema and pain and/or weakness in the rear limbs and the back.

Before administering Ba Ji San, a traditional eastern exam is usually conducted. This exam is based on the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, which is quite different from the western medical philosophy. Whereas in western philosophy prescription medicines are used for masking symptoms, traditional Chinese medicine philosophy focuses on finding the root cause of a bodily problem and the balance of the body. On administration of Ba Ji San, not only the symptoms treated, but the body balance is also corrected.

Ba Ji San is created by blending synergistic herbs for treating weak and sore backs of horses. At the same time, it also addresses the causes of weak and sore backs. For your horse, this medicine works by dispelling cold, toning the kidney Yang and relieving pain.

The formula for creating Ba Ji San is based on an ancient formula of Ba-Ji-San and Yuan Heng Liao Ma Ji. The formula was written by Yu Benheng and Yu Benyuan in 1608.

Ba Ji San comprises of a variety of elements, each with its own benefits.

  • Morinda or Ba Ji Tian is used for warming Yang, for toning the kidney and for strengthening the back.
  • Psoralea or Bu Gu Zhi is used for toning the kidney Yang.
  • Atractylodes or Cang Zhu is used for drying up the damp.
  • Citrus or Chen Pi is used for moving Qi and relieving pain.
  • Cyathula or Chuan Niu Xi is used for toning the kidney Yang and for strengthening the rear limbs.
  • Eucommia or Du Zhong is used for toning the kidney Yang and for strengthening the back.
  • Trigonella or Hu Lu Ba is used for toning the kidney Yang and for strengthening the back.
  • Cinnamomum or Rou Gui is used for warming Yang.
  • Epimedium or Yin Yang Huo is used for toning the kidney Yang Yin.

Many horse owners have expressed their delight with the use of Ba Ji San on their prized pets. Horse owners spend thousands of dollars in buying horses and nothing distresses them more when their horses suffer from weak and sore backs. For your horse, those sore backs should not be a problem anymore because you now have access to this wonder medicine.

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