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Are you a Grounded Rider? - Being more safe and secure in the saddle
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Are you a Grounded Rider? - Being more safe and secure in the saddle

Grounded Riding- what does this mean?

When we and our horse are grounded then we are far more likely to feel secure and be able to make decisions from a calmer more reasonable perspective. Being grounded is important to us feeling safe and this can never be any more important than when we are riding.

If we are stressed and predominately in our heads then we are not in a grounded, secure state of mind or in an energetically balanced place. We can then influence our horses when they pick up on this energy and the fact that we are not 'feeling' safe or secure to them.

This will put them on alert and with any horse make them less calm and more reactive; in an already spooky horse it can mean the difference between a safe and unsafe ride.

It is very common for people to not be grounded and in turn for their horses over time to become more and more spooky to ride and less able to listen to us. We can get ourselves into a pattern of then feeling less and less secure because we are anticipating our horse to spook or be very reactive to their surroundings. 

Becoming a grounded rider can mean the difference to a connected and calm ride to a hell raising dangerous time in the saddle. To become more grounded it is important that you first all all practice when out of the saddle so that you get used to the technique for when you are on board your horse.

It is a process of pushing the energy from your head right down and literally imagining it pushing out through your feet and into the ground. This will also help you when dealing with your horse when doing ground work, ensuring that you are calm, prepared and connected within yourself before trying to show your horse something.

When you are on board your horse you can either use the same technique, imagining the energy running right through your body and then into the ground from your feet, or you can imagine it running into your horse and then through them into the ground. Try both visualizations and see which feel more right for you and your horse.

If you want to ensure your horse is grounded before you even get on; then place your hand at the top of their tail and hold there for a few moments while grounding yourself and pushing the energy down and through into the ground.

These techniques take such little time but can bring such great rewards. Think  of it as setting a tone for your riding and time with your horse. Creating the setting for your time together is often even more important than the details of what you do during those sessions. The way it feels for you and your horse; creating a positive base for everything you do will allow you to achieve so much more as a partnership and a better bond.

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