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Are Horses Any Different Than Pigs or Cows?
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Are Horses Any Different Than Pigs or Cows?

I stumbled upon an article today that made me choose my first post topic immediately:  one about race tracks that are sponsored by casinos.  I couldn't help but feel angered by the writer's opinion on horses and other animals, especially farm animals in general.  


The article explains that the Ontario government will be moving the slot machines out of their race tracks and leaving them where they belong, in a casino.  This is partly due to the fact that this government-run operation - casinos, that is - has always funded the horse race tracks with its own money to keep it running.  This means that gambling on horses was funded with taxpayers' money.  Although I agree that a taxpayer shouldn't sponor gambling, there is a part of this story that highly sadens me.


The writer goes on to say that the result may be that several race tracks will have to close and the horses that usually run may end up being slaughtered because they won't generate any more revenue.  As if this wasn't enough (I mean, who wants to see these animals killed without reason and without compassion?), he says that this shouldn't make us cry because horses aren't any different than cows or horses.  Having a connection with them doesn't make them any less of an animal.


I'm sure most readers here will agree that having a connection with an animal means that it is special.  But how many will agree that farm animals are the same as horses?  I am vegan and it would be just as hard for me to see a cow or a pig getting killed than a horse.  This man doesn't understand that several of those who oppose horse slaughter also oppose the mistreatment and slaughter of cows, pigs, chickens and anything else that ends up on the mainstream plates of most people across the world.


Furthermore, isn't it unjustified to kill an animal simply because it doesn't generate any more revenue?  I don't think so.


Please let me know what you think!


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  1. naturegirl
    You make a good point. Horses and cows aren't really that different, really...
  2. PonyGirl
    I am very saddened by reading about Canada's racetracks. But I think you misunderstand the dynamics of what will happen when the tracks close. Many of the people who take care of the horses will be put out of work. The trainers will not be able to maintain their stables. Many of these people might take some of the horses, but with their income gone, how can they provide for them? Many owners will have horses on their hands that they cannot race. It's true, that some of the owners don't care about their horses, but many, many of them do. But how will the caring owners place their horses? The problem will be with the NUMBER of horses who can no longer be maintained. I work on the racetrack in the U.S. and if anything happened to me which made it impossible to keep my pony horses, I almost certainly could find them good homes. But I only have 3. If I had, say, 3,000 horses, I couldn't begin to find homes for them all. Some of the people who own the horses are people who actually work on the track. With their loss of livelihood, how will they care for the horses they do have? It's a terrible, terrible thing for the horses and the horse people as well. I wish them all the best of luck. Oh- and the writer of the piece you read- he'd be well advised to steer clear of any racetrackers in the future.
    1. naturegirl
      I just came across your note here and am stumped by what you wrote. Did you even read any of this info? Nowhere does Horsediva say that she wants these horses to get lost in the shuffle as most would end up in slaughterhouses. HorseDiva looks at the other side of the medal and says that if the tracks stay open, the government loses a great deal of money. The solution would be to stop spending taxpayers' money on racetracks, but then, they have to close. Stop posting comments that are not even what these people are saying and try to understand the post properly. You completely missed the point.
      1. PonyGirl
        Well, naturegirl, we seem to have miscommunication all around. I reread the original post to see if I had misunderstood what HorseDiva wrote. And I reread my post, wondering if something I wrote was misleading as to my intent. I have no opinion as to whether the government funds the racetrack in Canada or not, as I am not from there and know nothing of the issues. I was simply commenting on the reality of the situation, if the tracks do indeed close. It goes without saying that no one on this website wants any horse to have to go to slaughter or even be put down humanely. What I was responding to in her article were the statements: "The writer goes on to say that the result may be that several racetracks will have to close and the horses that usually run may end up being slaughtered...", "(Who wants these animals killed without reason and without compassion"), and "Furthermore, isn't it unjustified to kill an animal because it doesn't generate any more revenue?" These were the statements I was responding to, and I stand by my reply."
        1. naturegirl
          You're saying that she believes that it is justified to kill horses without reason, and that it is OK to just close the racetracks and let the horses get slaughtered. Seriously, you're going to stand by those false accusations when they are not in the article?

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