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April Moon's Story Part Two
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April Moon's Story Part Two

April Moon had started to bond with me after seeing how much trust Ebony and Brron, two of my healing horses, put in me as their guardian and she has now been with the healing herd and myself for just over a year. In that time she has grown significantly in height even though at six years and now seven years of age she should have been fully matured, it seems the years of lack and unbalance in all areas of her life; physical, emotional, spiritual and mental; had taken its toll and her growth had been stunted.

Her aggression has subsided although there was still a lot of foundation training to do with April. She had no manners and had little to no reaction to any signal you gave her. She would walk on you and over you if she felt like it, nip you to ask you to scratch her and in general be rude and sometimes intimidating to be around.

I knew that she had never been given ground rules; either from the horses she lived with or the people surrounding her. The horses she lived with before had all been fighting for their own survival, so every signal from them was aggression and mistrust. Her previous owner had never made it clear what type of behaviour was acceptable, nor had they taken time to teach April Moon how to relate or build a relationship with them.

At six years old there was a lot of established behaviour to undo and re-teach but luckily with a bond and trust in place her education has been going from strength to strength. We waiting until she knew she could trust us before we started working with her intensively to correct her behaviour. Before that time we didn't feel she would be able to judge accurately what we were telling her as her default if she wasn't sure was to attack.

By being patient and waiting for the right connection April is now much more in tune with what we are asking from her and we have seen such a turnaround in her behaviour that for some people who knew her before she came to work with me and the other horses; they barley recognise her.

Her next step is to start learning in hand agility as we feel this will really suit her personality and the fun aspect of herself that she is allowing us to see. It will also give her a focus as she is highly intelligent.

We are hoping that next year she can gradually be introduced to some of the people that come to us for therapy, education and healing. She has a brilliant personality and we would love people to share in her life and be part of her story. We know that she has a lot more to give and we can't wait to see what else April Moon wants to show us.

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