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April Moondancer
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April Moondancer

I discovered this world via a blog about April Moon and thought, mistakenly, it was about me!

Although April Moon has some similar traits to me I'm pretty sure we aren't related!  To start with she is a very odd color.  I haven't seen a horse that colour before - all my brothers and sisters (I have 4 in total) are Chestnut like me or Bay (like Mum).

Anyway just thought I would write a quick note to say that I am 1/4 Suffolk Punch and 3/4 Thoroughbred, had my 7th birthday 2 weeks ago (no cake provided - only carrots!) and am busy training for my first ever Three Day Event.  It is Houghton 3DE in Norfolk, UK on the 21st to 25th May.  I am busy galloping every four days to get fit and loving it.  I also seem to be having loads more dressage lessons at present - not so impressed about this!  Apparently my weakest phase of the competition is the dressage because I won't sit on my bum and lengthen my stride as much as the dressage judges would like to see me do - I say they should try this way of going themselves compared to loping along a little on the forehand - so much easier and really can't see the problem with it either myself.  Anyway the rest of the competition is pure fun - it always involves jumping of some kind.  I especially love the CC phase where I get to go really fast and jump these fantastically well built fences that someone has very kindly put in my way.

If you would like to know more about me then by all means follow me on Twittter - @aprilmoondancer but I will also let you know how my event goes in a few weeks if it is of interest?

Love to all horses and lovely horse owners that look after us so well - my owner (Diana), my jockey (I refer to her as She Who Must Be Obeyed - SWMBO) and my groom (Suzanne) are great fun.  Occasionally I think SWMBO needs putting in her place as she doesn't always know best!  Most of the time she is right though.

Happy eventing,

April Moondancer



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