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Anti-Cancer Remedies
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Anti-Cancer Remedies

One of the health topics that people are afraid of discussing is usually serious illnesses, such as cancer. As frightening as it may seem to develop such a disease, there are very good reasons to take on this topic now before it is too late, whether it would be for yourself or your horse – or better yet, both – and this would be for prevention. The earlier you tackle this topic with various healthcare practitioners, especially naturopathic and homeopathic therapists, the better your chances of avoiding such a scary ailment.

One of the reasons why we contract cancer (and this is no different for horses) is because of the large quantity of contaminants and pollutants in every aspect of our environment – air, water, food, clothes, toys, furniture, paint… even the alfalfa and hay you feed your horse (if the grower sprays it, that is). Although this may seem like quite a task, there are ways to reduce our exposure to such harmful products.

For starters, if you can afford to purchase organic food, this would be better for you and for the times you treat your horse with apples, carrots and any other type of yummy bites you give it. This will be beneficial for the entire family! Next, try to find a horse food producer that does not use sprays for the hay, alfalfa, sprouts, grains and all other ingredients you put in the horse’s bucket. I can definitely understand that buying organic for your horse could become very costly and surely several of you wouldn’t be able to afford this. So, as an alternative, ask the farmer if he/she uses sprays and what type. Or, grow your own if you can.

After, if you plan on taking up a painting project or any other that requires a toxic product, make sure your pets don’t come near when you are using it. This way, they will not have to inhale the fumes. Use a mask or a damp cloth over your nose to help you. Also, make the switch to natural cleaning products for your home. Many of your household products can be replaced by some of the most common things in your home: vinegar and baking soda are excellent cleaners for many glass and ceramic surfaces such as windows and your kitchen appliances. Try to find natural products for anything that isn’t easy to make yourself.

Work at boosting the system. There are several ways to do this; herbs and essential oils are often recommended, but they’re not the only method. You can also help avoid dangerous growths by inspecting your horse (and yourself) methodically. Often a change in behaviour or emotional state is a good sign that something is up.

It is surely tough to get a horse on a cleaning detox, but if you can manage it, this would be a great way to rid the body of toxins. If not, try to change its food by giving it only the most natural and healthy options for a while – so no treats, either – until the body is cleansed. You will notice a difference in the horse’s excrements and the type will depend on your horse’s feeding habits, so just look out for anomalies. However, it is normal to have heavy diarrhea for the first couple of days.

Then, there is the use of essential oils and herbs instead of chemical medication for all beings living on your territory. By making the switch for all times – except the rare cases where it is absolutely necessary to take something like antibiotics or getting a tetanus shot – you should be able to treat your horse with the same remedies as all of you.

Before talking about medicines, here is a breakdown of cancer lingo:

Tumour: Caused by a virus, this is the growth of a lump or bump. It does not always carry cancer.

Cancer: Always malignant (bad). This is the growth that needs to be treated, whereas other tumours can simply be removed.

As for the list of herbal medicine, here are some little miracles you can use at home. Some are for prevention and some for cancer treatments.

1- Frankincense: known to break down melanoma (a type of malignant cell growth). Needs to be injected. You should probable leave this task up to an experienced therapist.

2- Clove and Myrrh: great antioxidant boosters that will help cleanse the body and build the immune system.

3- Balsam Fir: helps boost the immune system.

4- Lavender and Palo Santo: good for skin cancer.

5- Grapefruit, Orange and Tangerine: excellent cancer prevention oils.



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