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Another Notch on the Belt
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Another Notch on the Belt

Lately, I've been collecting some of the hair from my horse's mane and tail. It's mostly just strands that I catch here and there, but it's built up over the past few years. I reckoned with myself that I could make it a belt.

Sure enough, I was able to collect enough to try to make a belt, though it's far from something to gush about here. No sir, I won't be taking a picture of this monstrosity to show you all. I've got a little bit of pride, after all.

Instead, I've included a couple of links to other horse belts that you can buy—belts that won't look like they were braided together by a blind cow!

Colorado Horsehair

"Colorado Horsehair, founded in 1990 and based in boulder colorado, is the source for the world's finest horsehair products. We offer a wide range of belts, accessories, and tack --all made in America. Our products are available at the finest retailers of both traditional sportswear and western wear.

We are also purists in the use of natural, genuine horsehair--no synthetics for us! All of our products are made from natural fibers and vegetable pigments which have not been chemically altered to create artificial consistency."

Cattle Kate

"Horsehair hitching is a revived art form popular with prison inmates at the turn of the century. Hitching is a slow methodical process that can create a beautiful woven band of horsehair. Each piece is an individual handmade work of art and as such, will vary slightly in color. These belts come with black leather ends with etched silver plated buckles."

I've bought belts from both stores, and they came out sublime! It's lovely knowing that things like this could still be put to good use.

Where do you buy your belts at, and are they as horsey as you are?

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski on Flickr.

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  1. D blue eyes
    What a neat idea! I've heard of keychains, and necklaces out of horse hair, even have a keychain, but never thought of a belt! Thanks, great article!

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