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And He Thinks He Is A Dog
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And He Thinks He Is A Dog

Essex Horse and Pony Sanctuary is an equine charity that aims to provide welfare, long term care, education and re-homing facilities for horses, ponies, and donkeys. The sanctuary rescues injured, abandoned, and unwanted horses.

This dedicated equine charity shares the story of Rory, a young pony taken in at the sanctuary when he was abandoned by his mother. But what makes this story even more fascinating, is that this lovable tiny foal thinks he is a dog.

Rejected by his mother when he was just one day old, the critically ill Rory found himself being nursed back to health by the loving and dedicated staff at Essex Horse and Pony Sanctuary. There, he was fed and raised, nurtured and loved.

As he was spending his time in the sanctuary, he became fond of two Labradors who were raised alongside him. Rory is small, so he played more often with the dogs and knows them better than most of the horses. He oftentimes runs around with them, drinks from their bowls, and even plays Frisbee with them.

In addition, Rory usually takes naps in a duvet where the dogs curl up next to him. This strong bond that was quickly made with the two pups, led him to soon develop habits resembling that of a dog, such as picking up twigs and sticks for the staff to throw.

Essex Horse and Pony Sanctuary Manager, Sue Allery, describes how Rory came to love his dog friends and how he came to think that he was one of them. “He loves the dogs because they are the same size as him; he thought he was a dog,” Ms. Allery said. This lovable young pony, after days of special care and attention, has now fully recovered. Now that Rory is healthy and strong, he has been introduced to a stable and the life of a pony.

Ms. Allery stated, “He gets to be a proper pony now and do pony things. For his sake, he needs to learn he is a horse.” Rory, now 3 months old, has become even more adorable and loving. Nanny Bracken is now in charge of him and his daily needs. Eventually, Rory will begin going out with other ponies and horses.

Essex Horse and Pony Sanctuary continue to take care of ponies like Rory and are still on the lookout for other horses, donkeys, and ponies that might need their help and loving care. The staff is very thankful to be able to offer a home and nourishment to these beautiful animals. As you can see, people are not the only ones who experience rejection or abandonment. Animals, such as horses and ponies, can also suffer from such feelings, and like babies, they too need to be given a home where they will be fed and raised, nurtured and loved.

It’s great to know that lost, rejected, injured, abandoned or unwanted horses can have a home and a family to belong to, and a place they can live without being reminded of their sad past.

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