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An Unlikely Friendship Emerges
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An Unlikely Friendship Emerges

It is said that the wealth of a man is scaled by the number of good friends he has, and we could not agree more. Friends are truly god given. They are your support system that never leave your side. Friends make your celebrations memorable, and there is no tragedy in the world they cannot pull you out of.

Whether it's heartache, losing a job, a tiff with parents or just a lonesome patch, they are present without being summoned. Friendship is the first relation you choose and friends truly are the first people you pick for yourself. Therefore, they are special and for keeps. After all, they make our lives the joy it is!

Unbelievable BFFs

Friendship is a relation, which should leap beyond the divide of gender, race, color, caste, creed, education and social class, but unfortunately, it does not. However, some people in Western Cape, South Africa, were in for a delightful surprise when they noticed that some baboons were taking a liking for a horse and the horse was responding to their friendly gestures.

Before they knew it, these astonishingly different animals had become the best of friends. It all started with a dump of compost heap, for which the group of baboons and the horses assembled everyday at the same time. Slowly and steadily, the baboons started warming up to this one particular horse called Jericho.

The Saga Continues

As days passed, the baboons began to flock around the horse after their fill. The horse would sit in an easy relaxed manner partly ignoring and partly acknowledging the jumping jacks. A few more days went by and the baboons took the liberty of sitting on Jericho’s back. The well-mannered horse did not object; this was the wonderful beginning of a great friendship. The classy elegant horse with wild monkeys is a friendship made out of wild imagination. Baboons and their family members are usually known for being extremely naughty and insolent, but their conduct in front of their royal friend is that of regard and respect. They play with restraint around Jericho and always make way when he wants to leave. 

A Valuable lesson

A video of this unusual friendship has been made by Brit Claire Hamilton of Eden Park in Western Cape. It has become quite a rage on the internet and yes, it is adorable. The statement of friendship made by these animals is a story from Children’s book, and what a great moral it gives!

In our short lives, we tend to judge, discriminate, and divide, even when it comes to friends we make. However, in all our calculations we forget that it is the heart that feels. Look at the friendship between horse and baboons, oppositely natured animals that are creating bonds of a lifetime.

Sometimes these incidents make us wonder if god gave bigger a heart and better sense to animals. This heart touching story gives us a thing or two to learn from the mighty animal kingdom. 


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