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A Bucket List of Fun Equine Activities
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A Bucket List of Fun Equine Activities


An extremely fun activity for you and your horse to experience is swimming. Believe it or not, horses can swim well! Some horses love it and some hate it. It's best to introduce them slowly and let them play in it. A couple other tips for swimming with your horse is to stay away from any sort of current and to float above your horse and hold on. Otherwise, your weight will drag your horse down.

Dress Up for Halloween

I loved dressing up for Halloween with my horse! It was always fun to put together or create a little outfit. Sometimes a local public barn would put on a little get together or costume competition. It was always fun to see the goofy costumes that everyone would make

Carol on Horseback        

Caroling on horseback is a fun, interesting spin on a Christmas tradition. I would put red and green tassels in my horse’s mane and tail. I would also attach a Santa hat to the top of my horse’s bridle. A few friends and I would go door to door; someone would dismount and knock until someone came outside. We would choose a carol and sing it. Our voices were pitchy and we could never remember lyrics, but our audiences loved the horses and our bravery.

Put Glitter on Their Hooves

This one is small but, I always thought it was fun and silly. There are multiple brands of hoof paint that contain colorful sparkles. They make your horse feet look flashy and are easy to slather on!

Make Horse Treats

This one requires some extra “oomph”. You must find the right ingredients and pick a recipe you like. However, it’s a great activity for a rainy day when you can’t ride. It’s making bland apple cookies for your furry friend.


One activity that always allowed me to spend extra time with my horse and to connect with her was competing. Nothing seals a bond like accomplishing something you can be proud of. Almost anyone can compete in a beginner competition with a little practice.

Ride on the Beach

This one can combine two wonderful things. If you love horses and the beach like do, riding on the beach can be a beautiful and freeing experience. Just make sure you don’t overwork your horse. Running in deep sand is difficult and straining.

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