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Amazing Valentine’s Day Rescue and Recovery of Foal Trapped in Ravine
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Amazing Valentine’s Day Rescue and Recovery of Foal Trapped in Ravine

When a hiker recently found a newborn foal at the bottom of a 150-foot depth ravine in California, caring local people quickly sprang into action to rescue him.

Just before midday on that day, someone told police about the foal trapped at the bottom of the Morrison Canyon, Fremont, California.  The rescuers found him lying in a puddle of water with broken bones, i.e. his pelvis and a rib.  He was only around eight days old, and had been stuck down there for two days.

He was trembling in fright and was probably in shock when they found him, according to the animal control officer who was present. Firefighters used rope and other equipment they usually keep for humans to get little Valentine out of the ravine.  They then took him to a veterinarian in Pleasanton, where he was kept until he could go to the UC Davis for the necessary surgery. It was all in a day’s work for his rescuers.

Firefighters abseiled down a steep cliff to pick up the injured foal, who was only days old. When rescuers revealed that he had a broken pelvis which could cause a ruptured artery, and possibly make him bleed to death, local fundraisers raised nearly $16 000 for his care. Rescuers named the baby horse Valentine, as they found him on February 14.

In the meantime, within 24 hours, nearly 200 kind people made donations through the fundraising website GoFundMe for Valentine’s medical care. The website page raised $ 15,233, which far exceeded its goal of $10 000, and stopped taking donations by the following Tuesday. The Tri City Animal Shelter also took donations for the foal, and staff were completely floored by the public support for the little lone horse, whose owner is still unknown.

Also, fortunately, the medical staff at the UC Davis did not have to perform the anticipated surgery after all, as the rupture did not happen. Little Valentine is now recuperating at the centre for a few weeks, while police investigate how he ended up in the ravine.  His care will cost around $16,000, so everyone who donated has made his recovery possible.

However he ended up in the ravine, this is a feel-good story, and a St Valentine’s Day miracle, I am sure we can all agree.


Picture courtesy of www.care2.com


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  1. Of Horse Support
    Of Horse Support
    What a fascinating story and heartwarming effort! Thanks for contributing to Of Horse!
  2. jst4horses
    I live out here not that far from where this foal was rescued.......he is a lucky little guy. I am sure there will be a lot of people who will want to adopt him........I hope he goes to a great rescue that will never let him go..............Because of where the foal was found, it is more than likely someone had a horse that had that foal, and just threw it out............and over the edge of the ravine.............we need to do something ...............people need to geld their horses so they do not mate and then surprise foals show up. Puppies, kittens and even human babies are an everyday occurrence in this area................but thank God and a lot of great people for helping this foal. We had an injured foal, and one of the oversight training vets was going to have him evaluated for the same program to save his life, but an over zealous animal control officer said, NO NO, in the wild, it would be eaten and tried to fine us for attempting to save his life, and she put him down...............Glad at least one foal gets a chance..............God bless this little guy, the donating people and the vets who have saved him.........

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