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Always when I don't have my phone!
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Always when I don't have my phone!

I know y'all have been there at some point. You've either said, man I forgot my phone/camera or I would have caught that pose/action. Well, I could kick myself for not having it with me this morning! The best rodeo in town & I haven't been to one of those in years, happened in Cookies paddock this morning after breakfast. 

I'm sorry you'll have to "Picture This" 'cause I didn't get any pics or video. LOL.... It's lightly raining & I'm coming back out to do some manure removal that I didn't finish earlier 'cause I got hungry. Cookie is nickering, & from the look on her face she's both happy to see me & thinking I have food.  

I grab the shovel & start picking up piles & I've noticed that a few are sort of scattered. At first I figured it was from the rain, then Cookie obliged my thought pattern & chore process by leaving me another pile. This time though, it was rather soupy. At first I was a bit alarmed & concerned. Then I remembered that yesterday's alfalfa meals had a bit more water in them than I usually put, so that could be part of the reason for the soupy poop. The consistency is mostly hay, color is quite green, but otherwise smelled like her normal. (Sorry I trailed off a bit, as I write these blogs, it also helps me to keep track of Cookies health along the way). 

Anyways, so I continued shoveling & when I got to the far end of her paddock, next to the house & somewhat out of sight of her it began raining harder & harder. I thought great, I'm already soaked to the bone & this manure is getting spread out further making it harder to pick up. All of a sudden I hear thundering hooves & they're coming in my direction! She was in a 1/2 gallop towards me, head raised, ears perked & blowing like a tornado. She skidded to a stop, tossing her head & doing a 1/2 rear & 1/2 buck thing. Turned around & sped off across the paddock. There's a part of my "patio" area that is cement but it is all open & she was stomping around up there all prancy like, then spun out while trying to take off again. Blowing some more like a small tornado, here she comes back around to where I am now hugging close to a tree. lol. I don't know all of her little quirks & antics yet even though she's been with me for over a month because each time the weather changes, she shows me something new. 

This time when she stopped short of where I was, she had this terrified look in her eyes. I just sort of laughed & said what? Did you scare yourself with all that push of power & tornado blowing? She stood there a moment & took off yet again 1/2 bucking & trotting around. This time she stopped on the other side of the paddock where she could still see me & I continued cautiously doing my work. When I couldn't take anymore of the down pour, I walked the fence line to the hay shelter & gave her some hay. I also found out that my hay shelter is leaking. :( So I commenced to hand moving a rolled bale that still weighs about 600-800 lbs. Making a mental note to pick up some roofing tar & lime when I get the chance to go to the hardware store. 

When I moved as much as I could, I stood out there with her for a little while so she could calm down & eat in peace. Though she was still very alert, she wasn't taking off like a gusty wind, but still popped her head up often hearing the different sounds the rain was making on everything. After she calmed down quite a bit, I decided to get her brunch ready & brought it out to her. This time, she came across the paddock nickering like she had done so many times before. I still take my driving whip out with me to keep her at a distance. She doesn't care for it, but she abides & is doing so much better at staying further away instead of right on my heels. 

I grabbed an old lunchbox & took a seat under the shelter with her while she ate. She was still on fairly high alert, but much calmer now. Right in the middle of eating her hay, she went out into the rain & rolled, got up & rolled on the other side. Shook it off & came back to eat. (Shakes my head & smiles) I just love my crazy little Cookie. 

At breakfast this morning while I was trying to do my body check, she kept stomping her hind feet. She'd do one, then the other. It was lightly raining, & there weren't any flies, so maybe it was the water dripping down her leg that felt like a fly & she was stomping it away. She seemed sort of nervous & alert. I'll be keeping an eye on her for the next day or so & if anything changes abruptly, I'll call the vet. It rained for a good part of the night last night & she's not real keen on rain yet she won't get under her shelter to stay out of it unless I'm in it with her. 

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  1. HorseDiva
    I'm getting the impression from reading this that there are some noises that scare her. Was it lightning as well? I mean, I've known a cat that freaked out at the site of a webcam for no reason - just kept hissing at it like crazy every time someone pointed it at him. So this may be just one of those quirks animals have.
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      It wasn't lightning, just very windy, down pouring rain & sound carries in the wind & sometimes amplifies it. When I see her on high alert, I stay with her & talk to her until she calms down & relaxes. She does have her quirky moments. Sometimes she goes away from the noise & other times she goes to it. lol

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