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Ahhh Found the Spot! and Finding Respect
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Ahhh Found the Spot! and Finding Respect

Today was a testing day, at least that's what Cookie thought in the beginning. She thought she was going to test me by spinning around with her ears pinned and show me her butt. I showed her otherwise. 

I have been overly busy the past several days. The warm dry weather and Good Friday has prompted me to get some planting done before it gets any hotter. While I was happily digging in the dirt, Cookie got some time in the front yard mowing down the green grass. Before I knew it we both had been "out" 3 hours. At least I know just how long it takes my lawn mower to do her job. lol The funny thing about my front yard is that it'll grow back in about 2 days even if she grooms it to the ground. 

In my being busy, I haven't had time or energy really to lunge Cookie and I have learned that when I don't work her regularly, she gets a bit full of herself and aggressive. Now mind you, she's not just standing around in her paddock being a lawn ornament. She moves, a lot. She trots and lopes, walks and walks... and walks. The only time she's really standing still is when she's napping. Otherwise she is constantly on the move. Somehow though, that is different than being lunged. When she runs around herself, she gets a good sweat on so that part is the same. The difference is, I'm not out there asking her to do it. Now the respect comes in. 

Today, I took 30 minutes to lunge her. The only thing I asked her to do was walk. She took it upon herself to lope, trot, toss her head, 1/2 buck, spin and turn the other direction and do the same going that way. Only one time did I force a complete stop and that was during one spin and turn, she faced me and thought she was going to rear up at me. So I got her attention, pulled her around to a complete stop and backed her up. I made her stand there a few moments. Then I pointed in the direction I wanted her to start out in, verbally asked for a walk and she turned and walked. Once she's burned off this firey energy, her ears perk forward, she lowers her head and becomes extremely sweet. I now know if I don't work her at least every other day, she becomes a nasty, disrespectful heifer. All of that goes away with just 30 minutes on the lunge. 

When we got done, ( I jog with her too sometimes) we were standing in the shade and I began eliminating the accumulated schmigma that had built up between her teats. It gets quite built up and itchy if left unattended. This also will desensitize her should she be having a foal. 

Since I've had Cookie, I had yet to find any of her itchy spots besides her tail. Well today, I found 3 of them. On each side of her withers, at the top of her shoulders are 2 of them and the 3rd is in the middle of her back just behind her flanks. I'll try to get a pic of her the next time I'm out there. Maybe a video because it's hilarious to watch and hear her. Her eyes glaze over and her lip starts sticking up. She raises her head real high and starts breathing weird. It's is way funny to watch. After I loosened up all the itchy hair I brushed her out while she licked her salt. She can be a handful, but she can be downright sweet when she wants to be. I'm so glad she came into my life. 


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  1. PonyGirl
    I enjoyed your blog, Rene.
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you :)
  2. shumes
    I'm really loving your posts :) I know many of these bloggers here focus on informative articles so your little stories are such a wonderful change.
  3. autumnap
    Voted! Cookie sounds like a real personality! Lucky you having some lovely spring weather too - it's still freezing here in the UK! x

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